Smartphones produced by VinSmart for the US market have already started on shelves

According to some disclosed information, three smartphone models that VinSmart produces for US carriers have been sold since early 2021.

Smartphones produced by VinSmart for AT&T have been sold on the network’s stores as well as on partners like Walmart.

All 3 are smartphones with basic configuration named Maestro Plus, Motivate and Fusion Z.

Maestro Plus phone model possesses the highest configuration equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor with a 6.22 inch screen. The smartphone is sold on the Walmart website for $ 89 upfront, and can only be used with the AT&T network.

The Motivate phone model is also listed by the retailer for $ 49 upfront. The Fusion Z phone model is sold on AT & T’s site with the cheapest price at just $ 39.9.

When searching for the code names of the above smartphones on the device information website licensed by the FCC, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) information is displayed as VinSmart Research and Production Joint Stock Company.

Motivate and Fusion Z samples have been sent by VinSmart to FCC for approval from June 2020. Meanwhile, the Maestro Plus model was submitted for approval in September 2020.

In addition to the aforementioned smartphone models, the FCC website also lists many other phone models manufactured by VinSmart that have passed quality tests for sale in the US, including many models that have just submitted documents for approval in May. 1/2021. Among them, there are products with the corresponding configuration Vsmart Aris, a phone model sold in Vietnam by the end of 2020.

In October 2020, VinSmart revealed that it is producing smartphones to export to the US for a partner. This partner is the AT&T operator, according to the information registered on the US Telecommunications Commission (FCC) website.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong – General Director of VinSmart’s Phone Division also confirmed that smartphones produced by this company will be sold in the US this year. Ms. Hong also said that Aris 5G, the first 5G smartphone of VinSmart, could be sold in the US before Vietnam.

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