SSI Chairman: Leaders of State Securities Commission, HOSE should apologize to investors đầu

Before the situation command block At the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE), we owe our investors an apology. That is the statement of Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SSI Securities Joint Stock Company, at the seminar “HoSE Blocking: Situation and Solutions” held by the Securities Journalists Club on the morning of 24th. -6.

According to Mr. Hung, investors are those who pay transaction fees to stock exchanges and securities companies, but do not receive full services as committed. According to him, the stock market has grown well over the past time, but the system’s ability to provide services has not been met, leading to order congestion.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Chairman of SSI, said that the relevant agencies are owed an apology to securities investors.

“However, whatever the reason, we still owe the investor an apology. What happened to the investor was unexpected and completely not caused by operating errors, but someone must apologize. sorry investors”- Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung stated at the seminar and emphasized that leaders of the State Securities Commission and HOSE should apologize to investors.

Currently, we hear many proposals from foreign investors to improve the stock market, but in order to develop the market, domestic investors are very important, they need to be concerned.

Referring to the fact that investors move from their savings to invest in the stock market, Mr. Hung emphasized that this is a “once in a thousand years” opportunity to develop the stock market. Therefore, it is necessary to have a solution for domestic investors to see transparency and fairness when participating in the stock market.

Talking about the 100-day plan to overcome the problem of congestion at HOSE by introducing a new system deployed by FPT, the President of SSI said that at first he did not believe he would be able to complete this task in such a short time. Explaining specifically, Mr. Hung said that he was not concerned about technological solutions but concerned about policies and mechanisms.

The head of SSI securities company said he had a “degree” with an FPT leader about whether to overcome the problem of blocking orders after 100 days. Up to now, with the results that FPT and HOSE are implementing, Mr. Hung said that he lost “the degree” but was happy that the problem would soon be fixed as planned.

After Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung’s comments, Chairman of the State Securities Commission (Ministry of Finance) Tran Van Dung emphasized: “We do not owe investors an apology but rather many apologies”.

Mr. Tran Van Dung hopes investors sympathize and understand for the efforts from the highest agencies such as the Government, to the Ministry of Finance, the State Securities Commission, HOSE… in troubleshooting the problem. command blocking.

“During the time of order blocking, there was a lot of pressure. Many investors were not satisfied but also shared with us,” said Mr. Tran Van Dung.

Meanwhile, Mr. Le Hai Tra, General Director of HOSE, said that as an organization operating the market, no matter what causes the order congestion, HOSE must take part of the responsibility. According to Mr. Tra, this unit is coordinating with the parties and has made great efforts in the past time to fix the problem and organize the market operation in the best way.

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