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Talking to women: how to leave her speechless, intrigued and wanting more

You’ve surely dreamed of the day when you could talk to a woman and leave her completely speechless and intrigued afterward. Unfortunately, that day has yet to come true. Here are some simple things you can do to turn this around and put power back in your hands.

Call her

In simple terms, “calling a woman” involves pointing out that you have noticed how she is behaving when she does something that is: unacceptable, immature, indecisive, flaky, and so on. You can choose to do this in a very direct way or use humor to be more playful. If you are just starting out, then the best step is to state the obvious (without trying to make it funny or funny) so that she realizes that you are paying attention and that you are not like all the other men in her life who get away with it. yours with your bad behavior.

Here are some examples:

1. Doesn’t answer your phone calls

Leave her a voicemail and give her instructions on how to use the phone: “Hi Amanda, I just wanted to leave this voicemail so you know that you press the green button to pick up the phone. Sorted I hope I can talk to you soon.”

2. Makes a sarcastic comment directed at you.

“Was that sarcasm? You’re out of practice, right? It helps if you don’t frown when you say it”, or “Is it sarcastic a lot?”, Or “Was it you in the classroom when I was studying? Sarcasm101 at school? high school? You’ve come this far since then! “* high five with her *

3. He goes off track after you ask him a question.

“Now, that was a brilliant way of not answering my question. So now that you’ve bought yourself some time, what is your answer?”

Put a challenge

This implies that you configure the situation in such a way that SHE is the one who has to work to win your attention and approval. This is often surprising and refreshing to a woman because she is not giving her full attention and approval on a silver platter simply because she finds her physically attractive. In the beginning, the harder you have to work to get their attention and approval, the more likely you are to appreciate it.

Examples of how you can do this include:

1. Ask challenging questions

Ask questions like “So what’s your excuse for being alone on a Friday night?” “What makes you think I’m going to answer your question?”; or “Okay, so how hard is it for you to really decide between your hair up and down in the morning?”

2. Play a game together and see who wins

Compete over who has the most interesting story on a particular topic; observe a couple together and act out what they might be saying to each other at any time; decide who plays the coolest musical instrument; etc

3. Make him try or explain something to you.

Ask her: what makes her so interesting; why does he speak in a particular way; why you are wearing a certain accessory; why buses should run faster; why order a “fat-free, no-froth double caramel latte” instead of a latte; or why the president should be the president, etc.

My point is that if you want to learn how to leave a woman speechless, it doesn’t matter what you say to call her or what you do to challenge her – it’s the fact that you just DO IT! You know why? Because 95% of the other men who talk and interact with her don’t. And in doing so, you place yourself in that top 5% that leaves a very strong and compelling impression on your mind.

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