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Tattoo writing Choosing Arabic tattoos

In most Arab cultures tattoos have been symbols like stars and not written words, what we have here is the meeting between East and West. The need for Western celebrities to adorn their bodies with written tattoos and the very distinctive symbolism of Arabic tattoos written with very elegant calligraphy makes for a great visual Arabic tattoo.

Some of the biggest and most popular celebrities have chosen Arabic tattoos to adorn their body, not a removable henna tattoo, but a permanent tattoo written in Arabic.

It would be impossible for us to determine the reason why they choose Arab tattoos, this is a very personal choice that only they know about. However, if we look at Arabic script, a style called Calligraphy can provide its inspirational saying in what looks like a landscaped image. Arabic tattoos can be designed to look like an abstract drawing and still accurately translate, they can be like a work of art by Picasso.

Perhaps this is why Angelina Jolie chooses to have one on her arm and also why the latest tattoo adorning Rihanna is written in Arabic. In Angelina Jolie’s case, everyone agrees that it is the correct wording and translation for what she has chosen to say “al-‘azeema, which means” determination “or” firm will. “However, This is not the case with Rihanna, where there is some debate as to whether the tattoo is correctly written. Rihanna has chosen “al-horriya fi maseeh), or in English” freedom in the Messiah “. Some, however, say it is ‘Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh’ which translates to Freedom in Christ. The “AL” appears to be missing, but could easily be rectified.

The key here is that while Arabic tattoos are very popular, they can be fraught with difficulties like any other symbol or language. In Arabic, there is often no V when using the translated F, but that is not always correct, so it is very important that we get a proper translation and a proper template. After all, not every tattoo artist can be expected to know every symbol or every language.

Arabic tattoos can be very eye-catching and an important talking point at any gathering or occasion, so it’s best if we plan out what we want to say and why and then make sure to actually say what we wanted to say.

You can find more information on how to write Arabic tattoos and tattoos, and indeed about tattoos in general, on our blog, where we can provide you with all kinds of support and advice.

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