Tell you where to learn yoga for your baby more than peace of mind

As every parent, you always want to create the best conditions for your child and especially in physical and mental training for your baby. But you do not know where to find a reputable children’s yoga class, this article will help you find the answer! Let’s find out now!

first. Yoga for babies – not just love

It is a fact that at different ages, the child’s mind and mind as well as the body are different. That is why, for the children to participate Yoga classes for kids It also needs a certain learning path to both help the baby develop comprehensively and help parents feel more secure. Accordingly, children from 2 years old can completely “enter” the yoga subject if their parents allow.

In the period from 2-4 years old, this is the first time the baby begins to perceive through the act of imitation. From here, children begin to learn how to behave, react and feel to deal with situations in life. Having your child participate in a yoga class at this age will help motivate and encourage your child to start looking for body movements through simple yoga poses or pictures and colors that they love.

As for children aged 5-6 years old – this is the time when the yoga journey needs to be “awakened” because at this time, the child has begun to realize and excel in all aspects both physically and intellectually. wisdom, language and personality. During this time, the children began to face more situations in life, so practicing yoga not only for physical training but also helps them learn teamwork skills, develop personal skills. logical and handles all situations well.

Next, when the child reaches the threshold of 7 – 8 years old, it is also the time when he begins to adventure with new adventures. Different from the period when they first entered grade 1, at this time, they begin to have maturity in their thoughts and gradually form a sense of individuality, and they often pay more attention to discipline. Therefore, practicing yoga will help children practice high concentration as well as perseverance and at the same time can well relieve stress and pressure in learning as well as with siblings in the house. .

And finally, from 9 to 10 years old is considered a very important golden age and pre-puberty in children. Therefore, at this time, children will begin to have many changes in physical, thinking and in thinking. And the choice of yoga classes for children at this time is the perfect complement to the development of the skeleton, body shape, height, as well as helping children stabilize and control their emotions well.

Children will have different perceptions at each age, but the core is still effective teaching to help children develop comprehensively. Therefore, choosing a prestigious address is always a principle that many parents are interested in today.

2. The touch point between yearning for a generation to not only develop physically but also develop spiritually at YOGA Planet

Yoga Planet is one of the reputable places to teach yoga for children, chosen and recommended by many parents. With the participation of a team of enthusiastic, experienced and talented coaches, coming to Yoga Planet, children not only can learn useful skills but also participate in countless interesting activities to help them. comprehensive development in all aspects.