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The 10 best Halloween costumes for kids that aren’t Harry Potter

Halloween time is the best time to be a little kid because you can dress up as your favorite character and go around the neighborhood getting as much candy as you can. While getting the treats is great, the best part is dressing up in great kids Halloween costumes and pretending to be an awesome superhero, cool cowboy or pirate, or even your favorite historical character. The best thing about a great costume is that the cooler it is, the sweeter you get.

Here are some totally awesome kids Halloween costumes that they’ll love wearing:

1. Superman is a perennial favorite for the past 50 years. Ever since he appeared in the comics in 1938, little kids have always wanted to fly, stop bullets, and all the other cool things Superman does.

2. Captain America is popular this year thanks to the movie hitting theaters. With the cool mask, shield, and gloves, many little kids will feel amazing in the Kids Captain America Halloween Costume.

3. Since the movie Green Lantern came out, that costume will also be popular. Great looking green and black with the big mask and ring, if they liked the movie, they will love the costume.

4. Spider-man is another great superhero costume that little kids love. Going around the neighborhood pretending they are shooting cobwebs from their dolls while collecting candy will be a fun Halloween.

5. Batman is always a favorite because Batman is such a cool character. Having a great gadget belt doesn’t hurt either.

6. If you like zombie movies, there are some totally awesome kids Halloween costumes that they will love. Walking around moaning and moaning “Trick or treat!” it will definitely give you a lot of great sweets.

7. There are children who do not like the superhero genre or being zombies. For those kids Halloween costumes, Scooby Doo is popular.

8. Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks makes a great costume too. If they love Squirrel movies, they will love being Alvin.

9. Kids Star Wars Halloween costumes are always popular. Whether you want to be a Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, or even Luke Skywalker, there are plenty of awesome costume options available.

10. Another favorite is Mario from video games. Kids love to dress up as Mario with the red hat, mustache, and jumpsuit.

When Halloween comes around, having a great Halloween costume for a boy will not only make their night a lot of fun, but they’ll probably wear it over and over again just for fun pretending long after Halloween is over. Take a look at all the cool costumes like the ones above and see what your kids want to be this year.

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