The best electric files for a perfect manicure and pedicure

As we have already mentioned on previous occasions, there are more and more beauty products that help us to take care of ourselves in a simple way. In this sense, wearing a perfect manicure and pedicure It not only helps us show off beautiful hands and feet. It is also a good opportunity to hydrate skin, feel smoother and say goodbye to dead cells, among other benefits. Some users opt for beauty salons, but if you prefer, you can also take care of your nails at home with the help of a file. Did you know that there are models that incorporate batteries or that work connected to the current? They are called electric files.

What is an electric file?

This accessory It includes a small motor that when activated allows to treat the nails more quickly than if we use a traditional file. On the other hand, it is usual for them to incorporate more than one speed (measured in revolutions per minute) to choose the power that makes us feel most comfortable and different accessories to offer the most complete user experience: some help to eliminate corns and calluses, others are used to cut and file nails, some are used to shape them …

Comparison What electric files have we chosen?

The chosen models are the following: Anslove 0792-MJQ-RR-N (6.75) Beurer MP62 (8.5), Medisana MP 815 (8) and TouchBeauty AG-133 (7). These have been the criteria that have been taken into consideration in each analysis.

– File design: in terms of ergonomics and build quality.

– Accessories: Not all nail filers come with the same number of accessories, nor do they have the same quality or provide the same results.

– Results: How is the manicure? What about the pedicure? Are there differences if we look at how they shape the nails, are they filed or removed calluses or corns? We also look at its ease of use.

– Others: the power they offer and if it is enough, their comfort of use, if changing between one accessory or another is easy or not …

What is the best electric nail file? This is how we have tested them

With each of these four proposals, we have completed a manicure and pedicure with natural nails. This has allowed us to check its operation and how the different accessories are used, as well as their qualities, and to compare experiences and results. If you have never used a product of this type before, it is recommended that you go little by little to gain ease and develop in the best possible way.

The winning electric nail file in this article was the Beurer MP62. It stands out for the quality of the device itself and its accessories, as well as for the user experience. It is very comfortable to use and its results have been the best.

Beurer MP62 electric file

The presentation is very well cared for, because both the nail file and the accessories that accompany it and the cable that is connected to the electrical outlet They come in a practical case so nothing gets lost. In addition, the results offered by this set Manicures and pedicures at home seem to us the best, although as in the rest, everything is a matter of practice until you get the hang of it. Ideally, apply a little pressure to the nails and combine it with circular movements. It is also advisable to start from the inside and work your way up to the tip of the finger little by little.

Its build quality is good. The electric file, which has dimensions of 158 x 35 x 36.5 millimeters and weighs 111 grams, adapts very well to the shape of the hand thanks to its ergonomic design. It is striking that when you use it, a blue LED light turns on which, when illuminating the nail, makes you see much better. We liked, on the other hand, that the speed regulation (2,000-5,400 rpm) is carried out gradually through the + and + buttons, and not a control wheel; it is much more practical. Even it is possible to adjust the direction of travel (right or left) through the ring at the bottom.

Regarding the accessories, Includes a protective plastic cover where nail dust falls, so you get less messy. The rest include ten disposable sandpaper adapters and several sapphire and felt adapters that comfortably file and shape nails.

Our choice

In its instruction book it is explained in detail what each of the accessories it includes is for, which is appreciated. It cannot be used with gel or artificial nails.

Buy for € 49.90 on Amazon

Medisana MP 815 Electric File

East set manicure and pedicure is, together with the Beurer model, the two most complete options in the article. Also, the ones that have offered the best results when we have treated our cuticles and then filed and shaped our nails. You quickly get used to its use and, as in the case of its opponents, its dimensions are compact and its weight is very light. Its materials convey a feeling of durability and it is possible to choose between two levels of speed: if you have weak or brittle nails, it is recommended that you use the lowest speed because with the other you notice some discomfort or other. Like the Beurer MP62 electric file supports left and right rotation.

The accessories included are: a callus sander for the heel and sole of the foot (quite effective); a cylindrical bur and another in the shape of a flame that files more of the surface; a sapphire cone that files the dried corns and another of fFelt that cleans and smoothes the edge of the nail with very good results; and two sapphire discs, one with a fine grain and the other coarse, which, in addition to trimming, file the nail following the growth direction.

The alternative and best value for money

The change between one accessory and another is simple and efficient: it fits the first time without problems and you do not have to apply too much force to guarantee the grip of the piece.

Buy for € 29.90 on Amazon

TouchBeauty AG-1335 Electric File

Next to set Anslove manicure and pedicure, It is one of the most economical proposals of the selection. The first thing that stands out is that it does not work connected to the electric current; needs two AAA batteries that are not included. In addition, it only has an on / off button and you have no option to regulate the intensity: in this case, its manufacturer promises a rotation speed of up to 9,500 rpm. Indeed, the nail file is powerful and the results it offers have convinced us above all when doing the manicure. On the other hand, in pedicure, when comparing results, we expected something more as has already happened to us with Anslove’s proposal.

The other detail that distinguishes it from the rest is that it comes with a base where you keep the file. Beneath this base you store, on the other hand, their five interchangeable heads so you don’t lose them. Above all, we liked the felt grinder that polishes the nail quite well and the one we liked the least is the carborundum grinder because it does not completely remove dry hard skin around the nails.

With storage base

The base has built-in three button batteries, since it performs an extra function: it is an ultraviolet nail polish dryer, although this feature is anecdotal because there is only room for one finger and it is not as fast as one expects.

Buy for € 13.28 on Amazon

Anslove electric file 0792-MJQ-RR-N

If your budget is tight, or you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a set manicure and pedicure of this type because it is the first time you are going to use one and you want to try, there are proposals like this Anslove nail file. It comes with a small box that includes different diamond-coated tips. Those with a finer profile are specific to treat the cuticle area; Those with a long and narrow cylindrical shape are used with the natural nail; there is another oval one recommended for piercings; and finally there is a sixth in which the tip head has been covered with a kind of sandpaper (several come) that could even be used with acrylic nails. Despite this variety of heads, their quality is very fair.

In general, the electric file fulfills its function, but there are details that can be improved. For example, the control wheel that regulates the level of intensity at which it works has a route that has not convinced us much; we expected a smoother and more natural movement. Even so, the power or speed it reaches is sufficient. For the best possible result, avoid turning the wheel all the way and apply smooth and slow movements.


The file holds well thanks to its ergonomic design and the process of changing from one point to another is not particularly difficult, although on a couple of occasions when unlocking the lock button it got stuck.

Buy for € 12.99 on Amazon

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of June 11, 2021.

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