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The best home remedies for natural relief from heartburn

A nice sunny day can be ruined when the scorching heat behind your chest catches your eye. Heartburn, aptly named, since a hearty party the night before can ruin a party or two next weekend. Many take over the counter medications and get rid of heartburn and even thinking about it. This readily available solution not only prevents us from worrying about heartburn, but also prevents us from seeing where our health is headed. If taking antacids is unavoidable, opting for home remedies and treating heartburn naturally will reduce the effect on health. I prefer these easily available home remedies to cure heartburn rather than antacids as they are also beneficial for health.

1. Asafoetida. Asafoetida is an Indian spice commonly used in cooking. As Indian food is generally spicy, adding asafoetida to aid digestion says a lot about its effectiveness in reducing heartburn.

Take ¼ teaspoon of asafoetida in ¼ teaspoon of clarified butter and lightly fry it. Take this mixture followed by a glass of lukewarm water.

You can also apply this mixture on the belly button.

2. Ajwain (carambola, ajowan or bishop’s grass). Lightly toast some ajwain with black salt. Take that followed by a glass of lukewarm water.

3. Baking soda (baking soda). Baking soda acts as a natural antacid that neutralizes the acid that forms in the stomach.

Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water to relieve heartburn. Acid can be used to attack stomach acid in the following way: take a teaspoon of baking soda, a few drops of lemon juice and a little black salt in a glass of water and drink it. This treatment should be used temporarily and no more than 3 teaspoons of baking soda should be taken in a day.

4. Ginger. Ginger is immensely helpful for digestion and also for treating acid reflux naturally. Crush ½ inch of ginger and add it to a glass of warm water. Keep it soaking for 15 minutes to half an hour and drink it.

5. Aloe vera. The cooling effect of aloe vera juice not only soothes the stomach but is also a natural cure for heartburn.

6.Banana. Banana is a natural antacid. People with severe acid reflux problems should eat a banana a day to keep heartburn at bay as it also helps in constipation.

7. Foods high in folic acid. The more color you include in your fruits and vegetables, the more folic acid you will consume. Include beans, spinach, apples, etc. in your diet to reduce the chances of acid reflux. Also add fibrous foods to your diet so you don’t get constipated.

8. Drinking 4 to 5 glasses of water on an empty stomach helps reduce heartburn. You should also reduce your intake of tea and coffee for a while and continue to drink more water. Water therapy is the best natural way to take care of acid reflux instead of opting for instant relief.

9. Apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can also quickly relieve acid reflux. Just make sure you don’t increase your intake.

Keeping your body light and active is the most effective way to combat heartburn. Drinking enough water, reducing the intake of tea, coffee, alcohol and spicy foods will speed up the healing of heartburn. Include fiber in your food, balance an unhealthy meal with a healthier meal, cut back on tobacco and alcohol, and you’ll be ready for the next party. And if you still have heartburn, don’t lose heart, the best home remedies are up your sleeve!

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