The company won the bid for a sand mining project of more than 2,800 billion VND with only 2 employees?

As per your investigation Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper, Trade and Service Co., Ltd TS. Home, the unit that won the auction of the right to exploit sand mines on Tien River in Binh Phuoc Xuan commune, Cho Moi district, An Giang province with over 2,811 billion VND, was established on January 23, 2018 at address 14 Road No. 11, Riverside Residential Area, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, HCMC.

On National Business Registration Portal, the legal representative of TS. Home is Mr. Ho Quang Thai Dung. The main industry of the business at the present time as registered is site preparation, details are cleaning of construction sites; digging, filling, leveling and ironing at construction sites; exploration drilling, test hole drilling, sampling for geological and physical inspection.

In addition, the company also registered a series of other professions in the field of construction, trading machinery, equipment and spare parts, construction completion, packaging services …

Enterprise exploiting sand on Tien River in An Giang province Photo: THOUGHT

Before that, in the announcement of the new establishment registration content, this company had main business lines of laundry, cleaning of textile and fur products; working as hired labor in households; landscape care and maintenance services; cleaning the same house …

At the time of initial registration in January 2018, the charter capital of TS-Home company is 9 billion VND with 2 members contributing capital. Specifically, Mr. Ho Quang Thai Dung contributed 5 billion VND and Ms. Huynh Thi Phuong contributed 4 billion VND.

By July 2020, this company registered to change its charter capital from 9 billion VND to 27 billion VND, with Ho Quang Thai Dung’s contributed capital from 5 billion VND to 23 billion VND, while the contributed capital of Ms. Huynh Thi Phuong has not changed.

Notably, this company has only 2 registered employees.

As Lao Dong Newspaper As a reflection, TS.Home Trading and Service Co., Ltd, who won the auction of sand mining rights in An Giang, is causing a lot of curiosity because not only is the bid high, but also a pretty name. new to the building materials business.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment of An Giang province announced an invitation to join the right to exploit sand mines on Tien River in Binh Phuoc Xuan commune, Cho Moi district with a starting price of more than VND 7.2 billion. After that, the auction winner was TS.Home Trading and Service Co., Ltd with the amount of over 2,811 billion VND.

Concerning this incident, on April 11, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, Chairman of An Giang Provincial People’s Committee, said he would direct functional departments to review documents related to bidding for river sand mining rights. locally caused a stir of public opinion …

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