The digital transformation, among the most read in Training in 2020

The coronavirus health crisis has led to a radical change in the way we work, learn and interact, but it has also boosted the demand for a series of competencies and skills that will star in conversations around education and the labor market. We present the ten most read training topics in this 2020 that is now ending.

1. Virtual exams are here: this is how students are prevented from cheating

The suspension of face-to-face classes obliges schools to adapt the assessment tests to a digital environment, and to try to guarantee the integrity of the process

2. Do you know math dyslexia? It’s called dyscalculia, and it’s more common than you think

This learning disorder is characterized by difficulty in understanding and handling numbers and quantities, and affects around three million people in Spain

3. Studying Biology, much more than teaching and caring for nature

Biologists continue to play a relevant role in the fight against Covid-19, but their work covers areas ranging from health to environmental, technological or industrial

Four. Salman Khan: “We only measure academic skills. But humor, empathy or creativity are also important ”

The creator of Khan Academy, and Princess of Asturias Award winner, reflects on the role of technology in improving and democratizing learning

5. The university, faced with the ‘online’ challenge of the coronavirus

The health crisis that has forced the suspension of face-to-face classes throughout the country puts higher education before a major challenge: continue their training digitally

6. How survive some opposition in the 21st century

Technology has changed the way of preparing for exams that thousands of people face each year, as well as the way of relating to the rest of the opponents

7. Gregorio Luri: “To encourage critical thinking, let us guarantee that everyone leaves ESO knowing how to read and write”

The philosopher Gregorio Luri reflects in this interview on the challenges of education in Spain and the priorities that should mark the future of our schools

8. The ‘maker’ revolution reaches education

Project learning and technology bring STEM disciplines closer to students, while helping to develop so-called ‘soft skills’

9. So are the professional profiles with better future prospects in 2021

Offers related to legal and social sciences and engineering and architecture account for eight out of 10 job offers in Spain

10. School and covid-19: it’s time for the ‘edutubers’

The uncertainty surrounding the return to class in the midst of the pandemic favors a more innovative and participatory teacher profile: that of ‘youtubers’ teachers

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