The Ministry of Industry and Trade spoke about the ST24, ST25 rice continued to be trademarked in Australia

On 3-5, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said in relation to the T&L Global Foods Supply PTY LTD (in Australia), filing a trademark application rice ST24, ST25 With the content “Rice, The World’s Best Rice”, the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia said that Australian agencies are still in the process of considering the registration of this trademark, expected to last for many months.

The Vietnam Trade Office in Australia discussed with Mr. Ho Quang Cua and suggested to coordinate actions before the ST24, ST25 rice was trademarked in Australia.

ST25 rice sold in HCMC market – Photo: Ngoc Anh

Mr. Nguyen Phu Hoa, Head of Vietnam Trade Office in Australia, exchanged with leaders of T&L Global foods Supply PTY LTD. Business leaders are very goodwill and said they will check the matter with the company’s branding department.

“The Vietnam Trade Office in Australia sent an official dispatch and some accompanying documents and pictures to the Australian Intellectual Property Office (IP Australia) to clarify that the rice varieties named ST 24, ST 25 are due to Mr. Ho Quang. Crab and a group of Vietnamese scientists successfully researched and produced, was granted a protection certificate in Vietnam.The ST24, ST25 rice is a product made from rice varieties of the same name, is taken to the competition and won the national prize The product has been circulated in the market, widely recognized, including in Australia, this is an indisputable truth “- a representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade said.

The Vietnam Trade Office in Australia also asked IP Australia to consider the matter and avoid possible disputes; affecting exports of ST 24, ST 25 rice from Vietnam to Australia.

At the same time, the Trade Office is discussing with Australian lawyers to prepare the next steps in accordance with IP Australia. In case things go badly, the deal will combine advocacy for the Australian business network, associations, and the press in Australia and the prescribed communication channels to implement the overall plan.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade believes that the key point is that the Trade Office will together with Mr. Ho Quang Cua speed up related procedures, because without T&L, sooner or later there will be another company doing similar jobs.

Previously, a number of businesses in the US also submitted their documents to the authorities of this country to register for the trademark of ST25 rice – the world’s best rice in Vietnam.

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