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The Rainbow Kiss Fetish

Rainbow Kiss Fetish

A rainbow kiss is a fun, sexy gesture that many people find endearing. However, the rainbow kiss is not for everyone. The reason behind the fetish is as complex as its meaning. If you’re not sure whether this is for you, keep reading. This article will provide you with some useful information. Read on for the benefits and dangers of the rainbow kiss and what you can do to avoid the common pitfalls.

what is a rainbow kiss

Performing a 69 position of rainbow kiss is a sexual act in which both participants engage in oral sex at the same time. This particular kiss is only performed when both partners are on their period. In this position, the man ejaculates in the mouth of his partner, thereby resulting in a rainbow of colour in the mouth of the woman. In this kiss, both participants enjoy the sensations of menstrual blood and semen as they mix together.

“Period sex is a rainbow kiss,” says Danyell Fima, founder of Velvet Co. Rainbow kissing is a unique, pleasurable way to celebrate both partners’ sexual achievements. She says the kiss starts with a 69-position French kiss, but is even more exciting when both partners are in the 69-position! During a rainbow kiss, both partners exchange semen and menstrual blood.

The Rainbow Kiss Fetish

Body fluid fetishes have been around as long as humans have been producing body fluids. Although the term “rainbow kiss” originated on an urban dictionary, it has since been revived several times online, gaining sex-positive tones. The first use of the phrase dates back to 2003, but its meaning is not entirely clear. However, the term reflects the sexual interests of some individuals.

Although this sex practice is fun, you should always be honest with your partner about the risks involved in HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases before performing the Rainbow Kiss. HIV is a contagious disease, and it can spread very quickly from one person to another. The best way to prevent HIV infection is to stay away from kissing people who are infected with the virus. The best way to avoid getting infected by performing a Rainbow Kiss is to not kiss people who are HIV positive.

The benefits of a rainbow kiss are numerous. For one, it’s a great way to create intimacy in a relationship. During your period, your partner is likely to have sex with you. Sharing your semen and bodily fluids during sex adds an extra level of intimacy to the relationship. Sharing semen and bodily fluids isn’t something most people do with random strangers.

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