The reason is never to use mesh bath cotton

Mesh baths are an item that appears in most bathrooms. Bath towels are favored for the clean feel they give and think this is good for the skin. However, using this product is really a mistake and everyone needs to get rid of it right away from the bathroom.

The net scrubs are really a breeding ground for the most annoying bacteria overnight. In fact, an estimated 98% of dermatologists advise people to never use cotton baths.

Although it is a popular toiletries for its clean feel, net cotton baths contain many bacteria, which can cause dermatitis.

“ They can do more harm than good, because dead skin cells that are washed away from the skin get stuck in the folds in the mesh, ” says J. Matthew Knight, from the Knight Institute of Dermatology.

“People often put them in humid environments, under the shower or in the corner of the bathroom, where bacteria, yeast and mold grow quickly,” added Matthew.

If you use a mesh cotton bath on the newly shaved skin, the consequences are even worse because bacteria can penetrate any small spot, leading to infection and worsening skin with roughness. red,…

Beauty products pollute the environment( – Cosmetic chemistry is essential products for most people, but they are still silently polluting the environment so consider alternatives.

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, these bath pads contain a wide variety of fungus and bacteria that literally overgrow that occurs overnight.

If people really can’t give up the mesh bath pad, clean it after each use and let it dry, away from damp environments. Alternatively, the bath cotton should be changed after 3-4 weeks but can be removed sooner if there is a musty smell or if you spot any mold.

Huong Giang (Source: The Sun)



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