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The secret to psychic ability is in brain wave entrainment

There is a secret to accessing your inherent psychic ability and yes, there is a lot of evidence that psychic abilities exist and, just like any other skill or ability in life, can be developed.

This is the frequency of the brain waves.

The secret passage to developing your psychic ability is found in the alpha brain wave frequency.

This brain wave state is a slow, high amplitude frequency that is between 14 and 7 hertz or cycles per second, and is believed to be where you need to be to connect to the “other side, the universe, your source, spirit guide , angels, God … “

Your normal everyday mental state must calm down enough to access the alpha state, which is essential for developing your psychic ability.

It has been said that our spirit guides meet on the alpha wave frequency as an in-between place where we can communicate with them and they with us.

Why brain wave entrainment can help develop psychic ability

  • Training can slow down your mind quickly, efficiently and easily, putting you in the driver’s seat.
  • Brainwave entrainment uses audio pulses, such as a repeated rhythmic stimulus, to induce the brain to activate or follow the frequency of the alpha wave.
  • When the alpha wave is applied, two brain regions are stimulated that promote psychic ability. These regions are the amygdhala and the anterior cingulate cortex. Isochronic tones, the strongest form of entrainment, are particularly successful in training these areas with rhythms that promote psychic development.
  • Brain wave entrainment facilitates faster development of psychic ability than conventional methods such as meditation. The specialized sessions will bring your brain to the same brain wave frequencies that you access during meditation, they will give you the same benefits, only faster and deeper. When meditating in the conventional way, it is very difficult to maintain a constant alpha wave for a long time. With a brainwave sync recording, the alpha wave remains constant, bringing you into a deeper state of consciousness for a longer period of time.
  • You will be in an altered state of consciousness for a longer period of time, exposing yourself to other dimensions and communication, for a longer period of time.
  • The results of listening to the recording are long-lasting, if used regularly for a few months, because new neural pathways develop in your gray matter, changing the type of electrochemicals you use and putting you in a different state.

Psychic ability used to be seen as something magical, something unattainable for normal humans, and a secret only mystics and shamans have.

The secret to accessing that world is really just a matter of frequency.

You have to be tuned to the correct “station” to make contact.

Otherwise, you are only talking to yourself.

Yes, psychic ability is still a mystery, but now it is recognized in a phenomenon or a sense, which exceeds our five usual senses, and is used by world governments, the FBI and the CIA, for espionage and crime investigations, of regularly.

It no longer has to be unattainable for you.

Use the secret and open that amazing door.

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