The serum gift box that sweeps as a Christmas gift

Its serum made from pure hyaluronic acid has been the winner of the year (guaranteed by the Italian organization QCertificazioni) and, as it was seen coming, it has become sales leader and one of the highest and highest rated on Amazon. We talk about the brand Satin Naturel which, although it is not yet known in the general market, has been going strong for its natural formulations and, above all, for their unbeatable prices.

One of the best proofs of this is this gift box that they have prepared for Christmas with the five best-sellers of the brand and that, in addition to cost only 54.99 euros, is a perfect and pretty detail for any beauty and skincare fan who It will arrive at your house (if you hurry) before Christmas Eve.

Buy for € 54.99 on Amazon

Four serums and one moisturizer

A total of five products make up this gift box centered on a anti-aging and anti-aging treatment for the skin. They are, of course, its now iconic hyaluronic acid serum and best-selling moisturizer, in addition to its most recent addition: the serum of vitamins A, C and E. They are joined by two oils suitable for various skin and hair uses such as Argan oil (to improve dry and brittle hair) and the aloe gel will see (to hydrate, nourish and refresh the skin to the maximum).

It should be noted that, in addition to combining five perfect products to create a good routine, all of natural and organic formulation and manufactured in Germany, These are containers with the usual size (that is, 30 ml each) and not miniatures.

How to apply them all

Morning routine:

1. Clean and dry the facial skin.
2. Gently spread the hyaluronic acid serum.
3. Apply the moisturizing cream as a final step.

The serum gift box that sweeps as a Christmas gift

Night routine:

1. Clean and dry the facial skin.
2. Apply the serum of vitamins A, C and E.
3. Finish with a layer of moisturizer.

The serum gift box that sweeps as a Christmas gift

* Both aloe vera gel and argan oil can be used on many occasions, both for the uses explained above and to introduce them as an intermediate step in the morning or night treatment and add extra hydration and calm to the skin.

Buy for € 54.99 on Amazon

Ideal gift for beauty addicts

Although the pack is a complete and effective treatment, it maintains a very affordable price on the platform that turns this gift box option into a bargain: each product separately costs around 20 euros and, however, the five together are less than 55 euros (now it has a 21% discount with which you can save 15 euros on your purchase).

In addition to having become one of Amazon’s star and best-selling gifts in a short time, it is already harvesting more than 1,500 reviews and this is what they think after having bought and tested it:

“It has been six months since I bought it and I have shared the box with my partner. This has been our experience: the hyaluronic acid serum certainly leaves your face brighter and smoother, the aloe vera concentrate is great and its effects are noticeable at the moment, the cream has a smooth and pleasant texture and with good results ( although it does not have a sun protection factor) and argan oil is excellent and highly concentrated ”.

“The shipping has been fast and the case is very elegant, ideal for a gift. The containers have all been closed and full. All the products have a very pleasant smell ”.

“My favorite cosmetic brand in a very complete pack … I have been using their products for a long time, I love their organic ingredients and their formulas, and seeing this complete pack, do not hesitate to give it to my mother (she was delighted). wonderful brand with which you never look bad, I have all their products and they perfectly fulfill what they promise ”.

“I can say that they are worth it and have a good quality / price. All ingredients are natural and not tested on animals. The smell is very mild and very pleasant, synonymous with natural and non-chemical ingredients. The cream with hyaluronic acid and its pure gel are my favorites for a daily routine ”.

satin naturel cream serum christmas gift

Buy for € 54.99 on Amazon

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