The success of Spanish mothers who make the most comfortable shoes in the world

Innovation, comfort and sustainability. Under these three premises they landed in the market of sneakers, the already known as “the most comfortable shoes in the world”. The Yuccs were born just two years ago and, since then, their popularity means that, collection after collection, there is a waiting list in some of their models.

What really differentiates the Yuccs from the rest of the shoes is the fabric used in their manufacture: merino sheep wool, which is of higher quality, extra fine, renewable and biodegradable.

“Yuccs was born with the idea of ​​demonstrating that it is possible to make a shoe in a responsible and innovative way,” explains Pablo Mas, CEO of the company. Dissatisfied with the way footwear was manufactured, with processes in which leathers and synthetic materials were overexploited, in 2018 they decided to produce in an environmentally friendly way using natural materials and committing to 100% local manufacturing.

Slippers designed in Mallorca and manufactured in Elche (Alicante) unisex, with a minimalist, classic and timeless style. They are made with merino wool, a natural, soft, breathable material with the ability to self-regulate temperature –Yuccs can be used in all seasons of the year– and with antibacterial properties. In addition, they are very light – they weigh 250 grams -, flexible and elastic, and can be put in the washing machine.

Women, the great protagonists of the brand

The production process for the Yuccs trainers is meticulous. It lasts up to four months, to which another two are added for making and assembling. “We buy merino wool, we transform it into very specific yarns for our footwear and we take it to the dyeing area and then start the weaving phase. The final factory is located in Elche, where the shoe is cut, made and assembled, as if it were a puzzle ”, explains Mas.

In all this way, about 100 people take part. More than half are women, Spanish mothers totally committed to the brand. Highly specialized – some have been working in the footwear sector for more than 30 years – they bring their experience both in the design and in the manufacture of Yuccs throughout the entire production chain. For the company they are “the great protagonists who have marked the success of the brand.”

Respect the environment from the feet

The Yuccs defend the concept of Slow Fashion: They are committed to the responsible consumption of clothing and footwear to raise awareness about the impact of clothing on the environment, the depletion of resources and the impact of the textile industry on society. In order not to waste materials, the collections are launched with a stock very limited. Is sustainable shortage causes a waiting list for some models.

About 100 people are involved in the production process. More than half are women, expert workers in the sector and committed to the brand. For the company they are “the great protagonists who have marked the success of Yuccs”

The last to join the Yuccs family is the Merino Slip-on. These slippers unisex they release a resistant, ultra-light and soft sole made with a material developed from sugar cane. Called Sugarcloud, it is sustainable and self-sufficient, since the factory that processes it feeds on the same BIO electricity that the sugar cane generates during the transformation process.

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day

Yuccs are a perfect gift to commemorate mothers on their special day. The firm has launched a spectacular discount for these days: a saving of 10 euros on the first pair and up to 25 euros when buying two pairs of sneakers. In addition, among all the orders that are made on Saturday, May 1 and Sunday, May 2, Yuccs will give away 200 packs of three washable merino wool masks, 100 on Saturday and 100 on Sunday.

Available only from its online store, Yucss the promotion applies to all models and colors. Shipping and returns are free – there is a 30-day deadline. They are received at home in just 48 hours thanks to the new replacement of all models: last month they accumulated a waiting list of 10,000 people.

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