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The time of aboriginal dreams in modern life

Australian aborigines believe in their Dream Time that we dream of something before we do it. In other words, if we plan to travel to a distant city, in reality we dream about it and in our subconscious we know what the final result will be. be before the actual journey begins.

If we were as in tune with nature as they were, then we would be able to understand the future, and if something happened that we didn’t want to be a part of, we could change it before it happened.

Many times, we believe that today’s people no longer had or never had those skills. We believe those talents are limited to people from the past or prophets from the Bible.

That is simply not true. We all have those skills, we just need to cultivate them. When a talent we have is not practiced or thought about, it withers and dies just like a muscle in our body withers and dies if we don’t use it.

My dad would always talk about the time he applied for a job, he had never been to the building or workplace where the job was, but when he entered the building, he walked to the work station without being prompted by anyone.

The hiring manager was amazed that Dad knew where to go and asked if he had been in the building before that particular moment.

Dad replied that he had never been there before, I don’t think either of them realized what just happened.

Dad had a premonition, or a dream and only followed his instincts after “dreaming” before the event.

We all have those abilities, we’ve just been conditioned to believe we don’t, either through religion or the belief that we’re not worthy and need someone else to dictate what we believe to us.

In order for the human race to evolve into the next state of consciousness, we must all once again learn to develop our intuitive abilities. We have reached a point in history here where we can no longer trust anyone to tell us the truth without their bias, it is imperative that we relearn these skills.

These are skills we already have, we just don’t realize it on a daily basis. We all have premonitions and thoughts that guide us in our daily lives, these thoughts are the same ones that the aborigines are experiencing.

We just have to let our ego and conscious mind get out of the way.

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