There was a clip that cured deafness by pulling out his tongue and hitting his ear like a ‘medical god’ Vo Hoang Yen

On the afternoon of April 12, the leader of Tu Nghia district police said that he worked with young people in the clip of curing congenital deafness by beating his ear, pulling his tongue and spreading it on social networks.

Accordingly, in the past few days, a clip of a young man curing deaf and mute with the same method as ‘god medicine’ Vo Hoang Yen was posted on social networks, causing public opinion to stir.

This newly appeared ‘god of medicine’ repeatedly hits the ear, pulling out his tongue, causing the patient pain. Then shouted into the ear the deaf-mute youth asked “Did you hear that?” The patient nodded, and the young man immediately said he was cured.

In addition to treating the boy, a deaf and mute girl is also treated in the same way by a young man. After having her tongue pulled, the girl collapsed in pain. The young man immediately asked the girl to count the numbers. When hearing a gurgling sound similar to a counting sound, the young man affirmed that the girl had recovered from her mother’s tangled thanks.

This young man also instructed parents to take their children home to remember to do good deeds, not to eat bad food and to “stick” to sickness. At the same time, she asked the girl who was cured by her to prostrate in front of the altar in the house where the “god of medicine” cured her.

This clip was initially posted on YouTube, then many Facebook users re-downloaded it or linked it with a link. However, currently the original YouTube clip has been removed.

The leader of the Tu Nghia district police said that through verification, the incident just took place a few days in Nghia Trung commune, Tu Nghia district, Quang Ngai.

This new “god of medicine” is a student, who lives locally. Working history, this young man also admitted his improper behavior. “We also report the incident to the competent authorities to take measures to deal with this non-scientific curative behavior,” said Tu Nghia district police leader.



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