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This book is written especially for soccer fans of any level

One of the funniest books I’ve read in a long time definitely answers the question every soccer fan wants to know: Which soccer team is the greatest of all time?

That question is definitely answered in Damalis Bryant’s book, “All-Time NFL Dream Showdown – Fantasy Showdowns and Realistic Results.“I will not spoil the book for you by revealing the ending, but I will say that the author does a fantastic job selecting great players, coaches and teams and creating fascinating, animated fantasy encounters from the greatest of the greats.

Bryant, a young soldier with a fighting season in Afghanistan, selected the 13 best NFL teams of all time and pitted them against each other in fantasy playoff games that result in the best Super Bowl of all time. Each section describes the key plays, runs, and leading competition changes between 13 of the best teams in an NFL season.

A former sports writer in Virginia before beginning his military career, Bryant has the professional skills and knowledge to pull off what he’s trying to do as an author: narrating fantasy contests based on actual styles, talents, and strategies.

While serving in Mannheim, Germany, Army Specialist Bryant wrote drafts of an NBA fantasy book and heavyweight boxing fantasy book and completed the NFL fantasy book during his off hours in Afghanistan.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, from the early introduction of the Hall of Fame greats to the final whistle when the Super Bowl All-Time Champion is revealed. And I will not dispute the author’s choice! Anyone with an interest in soccer will also enjoy this wonderful book.

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