This is how vegan cars work that are committed to a future free of animal abuse

The pet association PETA ensures that the rise of veganism is unstoppable and that the generation millennial push the world toward a new animal compassion. A fact that goes beyond food and to which the environmental urgency is added: less meat, less emissions. The industry intones the mea culpa and car companies are beginning to include vegan interior options. The early riser has been TESLA, whose Model 3 is manufactured (after complaints from animalists) completely free of leather, including the steering wheel.

For its part, Range Rover incorporates vegan eucalyptus fiber upholstery options in its new Evoque and Velar, while the Polestar 2, manufactured by Volvo, has been awarded for its upholstery free of animal abuse. But vegan upholstery is not a substitute without the benefits of traditional leather. Its touch and finishes are spectacular. In all this, the great material looks like grapes, as demonstrated by VEGEA, an impressive vegan leather obtained from waste from the wine industry that already incorporates the spectacular Bentley EXP 100 GT prototype. The superb leather upholstery, icon of the luxury car, no longer has to involve animal sacrifice. Welcome be.

Interior of the Bentley EXP 100 GT, with impressive finishes of the vegan leather manufactured by the Italian VEGEA. This fiber is obtained from waste from the wine industry.

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