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Title: Sports Scholarships in America

Soccer scholarship in the USA

Everyone is starting to ask you ‘So what are you thinking of studying?’ and the only thing you’re thinking is ‘I want to see the world and play soccer (preferably on a scholarship)!’ What if you could combine both? And, even better, make your parents happy by earning a widely recognized degree along the way? It sounds too good to be true? Well, United Sports USA has sent hundreds of soccer players to different parts of the US to pursue their dream of traveling and studying while playing their favorite sport.

Are you passionate about football and would love to be surrounded by the best facilities, teams and coaches available? Would you like to be part of the American university system where they are starting to produce some of the best soccer players in the world? Would you like to play at a highly competitive level and travel across the United States with your teammates? Studying abroad and becoming a student-athlete will be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face, but if you’re an ambitious young soccer player, it’s simply something you can’t pass up!

The key is not to sit back and wait for a football scholarship to happen. Call us or send an email to one of our sports consultants, all of them alumni-athletes.

Be proactive: apply now and sign up for an evaluation game and who knows where it could take you…

Golf scholarship in USA

You love golf. Otherwise, I would not have landed on this page. She also loves the prospect of earning a bachelor’s degree in the next few years and landing her dream job. The thing is, by getting a golf scholarship in the US, you could do both at the same time!

Finding the perfect scholarship that suits your needs is no easy task. This is where our experience and expertise at United Sports USA can ensure you get the correct placement! Playing college golf in the US can sound scary and exciting at the same time, and it should! Don’t underestimate the amount of time you’ll spend on (and off!) the golf course: studying for tests and turning in homework is just par for the course. Being a student-athlete isn’t easy, but the most rewarding things often never are. If this is something you’d be interested in pursuing, why not give us a call or email and speak to one of our staff members? We would love to hear from you or your parents.

Swimming Scholarship in USA

If you’re in the process of looking for swimming scholarships, that probably means you know more or less what you’re getting into. It’s no secret that swimming is an extremely competitive sport. Your training will consist of sessions in the water first thing in the morning and sessions on land (mainly strength and conditioning) in the afternoon. Going to conferences and having homework assigned throughout the week means your days will be full. It goes without saying that your commitment and love for the sport must be strong if you want a swimming scholarship.

Currently, the UK only has 22 Olympic-sized swimming pools for aspiring young Olympians to train in. By comparison, more than 500 swimming programs are currently offered in the US. All of them boast an Olympic-size swimming pool and world-class diving facilities for their student-athletes. In addition, there you will benefit from the continuous support of coaches and sport-specific dieticians and physios. As a result, the University of Michigan, for example, produced the highly decorated Olympian Michael Phelps.

Need help showing off your skills? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can help start the process.

Rugby Scholarship in USA

Why on earth would you play and want a rugby scholarship in the US you say? Isn’t ‘American football’ your version of rugby? Well, rugby is one of the fastest growing club sports on university sports campuses, growing 14% in just two years.

Playing rugby in the American university system will make combining your passion for your sport and working towards a bachelor’s degree in your chosen field of study extremely convenient (for lack of a better term). You’ll never have to worry about whether you’ll have time to train or study. Your schedule is specifically set so that you can excel at both. Does the idea of ​​joining all 900 varsity rugby teams (men’s and women’s) appeal to you? Then don’t hesitate to contact one of our sports advisers, all of whom are former student athletes.

Tennis Scholarship in USA

Have you ever heard of Andy Roddick, Arthur Ashe or Althea Gibson? Do you know what they all have in common? They were all student-athletes at American universities in the early stages of their careers. This allowed them to continue playing tennis at a highly competitive level while earning a widely recognized title. A tennis scholarship that is perfectly tailored to your needs will take you one step closer to your dream.

The thing about universities in the US is that the training sessions fit into the student-athlete’s schedule. This creates the perfect environment for students to excel in their sport with world-class facilities and equipment. Also, it encourages and pushes them to excel academically. Their programs are designed so that students can be successful in both, provided they have the right mindset and drive to do so. Does this sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Then do not hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our sports advisors (ex-student-athletes) to help you start the process.

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