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To whom did the Raiders Great Jim Plunkett throw the most touchdown passes?

The Oakland Raiders have always been a team built around the deep pass. Because of this, they have always placed a particular emphasis on a certain type of quarterback. There have been a number of strong armed quarterbacks who have donned the silver and black of the Raiders, but few hold such high esteem as Jim Plunkett.

The Raiders were the third team Jim Plunkett had played for in his career. He had been kicked out of New England due to ineffectiveness after being selected in the NFL Draft, thanks to his great success in college, and had spent two seasons with a San Francisco 49ers franchise that had little to offer. at that moment. However, the Raiders still had a lot of talent on their roster and had just sent iconic quarterback Kenny “The Snake” Stabler to the Houston Oilers for quarterback Dan Pastorini. Plunkett joined the Raiders and eventually worked his way up the starting lineup, helping the team win two Super Bowls along the way.

To which receivers during his career did Jim Plunkett throw the most touchdown passes? Here’s the answer to that question, the top five receivers based on who caught the most touchdown passes thrown by Jim Plunkett.

# 1 – Todd Christensen – (20)

# 2 – Randy Vataha – (16)

# 3 – Cliff Branch – (15)

# 4 Tie – Reggie Rucker – (10)

# 4 Tie – Gene A. Washington – (10)

As you can see, every team that Plunkett played for, the Patriots, 49ers and Raiders, has at least one player on the roster.

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