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Unblocking negative energy in the body

Our bodies are atoms and molecules that move at great speed. Our bodies, like our thoughts, are pure energy. Our thoughts are more powerful in manifesting than our bodies, since they are free agents and not limited to the gravity of the material plane. Our material bodies are immersed in energy because they are energy, which makes them susceptible to all kinds of energy around us. We are like energy magnets.

Think of a time when you may have walked into a room and felt tension in your body, or started to feel uncomfortable around someone, or suddenly felt nauseated for no reason. Our bodies are energy sensors; our bodies absorb and contain other energies that we encounter. This has long been understood by different religious factions. Catholics often wear medals or relics to protect them from harm (for example Saint Christopher, protector of drivers). Garlic is often presented as a remedy to ward off evil forces. Holy water is known to remove negative and harmful entities when sprinkled on objects or people. Crystals are known to have healing qualities.

I have been exposed to certain people in my life who exhibit negative energy that I can easily absorb when I am not aware of doing so. In fact, my wife has always been able to tell when I’ve been around negative energy. She seems to use it in my facial expressions, my verbal expressions and how I carry my body. I don’t think I’m unique in this manifestation. My feeling is that we all absorb energy and express it in similar ways, some ways more pronounced than others.

The crowd mentality is another way of understanding the power of the energy that surrounds us. Concerts are a great example of powerful energy that sometimes goes crazy. If you have ever visited a prison, the negative energy is palpable. You can feel the energy, see the energy, hear the energy, and depending on your sensitivity, you can even taste the energy. We can carry these energies for days, even weeks. Many times we keep these energies locked in our body by talking about the events, reliving them as if they were happening. Sometimes when we express ourselves in anger, it is a release of pent up negative energy that we have held back for a period of time. Anger released and thrown at another person can cause a chain reaction. Fear is often related to unfortunate events in our lives, held in our memory as energy.

Untreated negative energy absorption can have a devastating impact on our body. Negative energy is like a cancer within the body. Disease within the body is negative energy. Clearing that energy with healthy, loving, spiritual energy can create a healthier body. Spiritual healings have been shown to have long lasting effects. Jesus offered many spiritual healings throughout his ministry. He rebuked the negative entities to leave the human bodies where they resided. Many spiritual and faith healers have been around for thousands of years. They have often been misunderstood, dismissed as charlatans; they have often been considered evil, the work of the devil. Some people thought the same of Jesus in his time. People often fear what they don’t understand.

There are many things that we cannot explain about life and all the different manifestations that happen within and around us. We often accept what is. There are those of us who understand that everything in life has a purpose, sometimes not immediately apparent, but revealed to us over time if we are open to it.

The challenge for each of us is to know that we have the power to overcome negative energy; we can unlock the effects of negative energy by absorbing the spiritual and loving energy that surrounds us. When we unblock our own negative energy, freeing ourselves from its effects, we begin to positively affect other energies, other people around us. People often report a sense of calm, a lasting calm, after receiving a spiritual and energetic healing. While they may still express things or feel somewhat negative things at times, they find that they can return to their calm center more quickly and easily over time. Relationships are often restored after a spiritual energy healing. General well-being often results for people receiving energy healings that are a combination of physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual in nature.

Disconnecting our negative energy and tuning in with our spiritual energy is important to feeling a total sense of well-being.

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