United Kingdom: despite her 95 years, Queen Elizabeth II will not abdicate

Queen Elizabeth II in a car on the day of her husband Prince Philip’s funeral in London on April 17, 2021 (LEON NEAL / AFP)

Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her birthday Wednesday April 21 without her beloved, Philip, her “strength”, her “support”, buried last week. No celebration planned and no photo either. On each birthday, the Queen poses for a new official portrait. Not this year.

At 95, she could have retired a long time ago but kings and queens are not subject to the rules of common people and Elizabeth does not have to retire if she does not want to. She decides, until death separates her from the British. The famous biographer Robert Jobson, author of award-winning works on the royal family, is sure: “The queen will not abdicate”, there is “no doubt” on that. Charles will wait.

The role of Prince Charles will he still evolve? Certainly. Charles already takes care of the management of part of the properties and other assets of the queen. He will make more and more State visits, meet ambassadors in Buckingham. Moreover Elizabeth II decided to leave this palace and to stay permanently at Windsor Castle, according to the Daily mail. Meetings can take place in Windsor but the heart of power is Buckingham. And for “to facilitate diplomatic life”, Charles could replace his mother during the weekly update with the British Prime Minister. A sort of “gentle regency”. Next public engagement: Tuesday, May 11, for the Queen’s speech to Parliament. Charles will be at his mother’s side.

It has been five years since the role of the Prince of Wales has grown in importance. With the death of his father, he became at the age of 72 the patriarch of the royal family. But he is not yet king. He does everything “in the name of the queen”.

Some would like to see 38-year-old William on the throne in place of his father, but he will wait his turn. He may be the perfect prince, but the order of succession to the British throne is clear: after Elizabeth, it’s his eldest son Charles, and after, it’s William. Except abdication …. but nothing to indicate it. The Duke of Cambridge still has a role, he also makes outings “in the name of the queen” (220 in 2019 and 500 for Charles).

If some claim the young prince on the throne, it is because Charles suffers from a bad image. The shadow of Lady Diana, Princess of Hearts, still hangs in Britain today, even 24 years after her death in an accident in Paris. Series The Crown didn’t help anything. The Prince of Wales is portrayed as a goujat.

When Charles becomes king, his lifelong love and wife Camilla Parker-Bowles will not become “queen”. Out of respect for Lady Di, the late Princess of Wales, the monarchy decided not to award this title to Camilla. The Duchess of Cornwall can only claim the title of “princess consort”.
The British anthem will not change right away. “As long as Queen Elizabeth can raise her hand or frown”, constitutionally, she is the boss, says an expert. God saves the Queen.

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