V-League moves back to 2022, HAGL strongly opposes

Most teams do not want the V-League to be postponed to 2022 because this will entail many consequences.

The plan to postpone the V-League to February 2022 was approved by the majority of VPF members. VPF will report to VFF and VFF Executive Committee whether the final decision on whether to postpone the tournament to February 2022 or not.

If approved by VFF, the 13th round of V-League 2021 will be held on February 12, 2022. Phase 2 of the LS V-League 2021 kicks off from February 16 to March 12, 2022 with 2 championship racing groups (6 teams) and the relegation race group (8 teams).

The Board of Directors of VPF approved the plan to postpone the V-League to 2022

In fact, it is difficult for the V-League to return and end in 2021, because the Covid-19 epidemic is complicated, while the schedule of U23 and the Vietnamese team is almost closed.

“The return of the V-League is force majeure, VPF has made a more long-term calculation so that the teams can prepare as well as create conditions for the Vietnamese team to do international missions.“, said Mr. Nguyen Minh Ngoc – General Director of VPF.

VPF has a reason to delay the LS V-League to 2022, but most teams do not agree. The continued postponement of the tournament for up to 7 months has a direct impact on the training plans and especially the financial problems of the clubs.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Anh – Head of HAGL football team, said: “If it is so long, it will certainly cause many difficulties for the teams. VPF must balance and harmonize the interests between the team and the club because the club is the foundation of the national team.”

HAGL wants the V-League to end in 2021

According to Mr. Tan Anh, most contracts between the club and the player end in October, so for the rest of the time both the team and the player do not know how to calculate. Mr. Tan Anh said that the V-League can both fight the epidemic and study the competition plan to ensure the interests of all.

Currently, after 12 rounds, HAGL Club has 29 points to lead the rankings, 3 points higher than Viettel who is currently ranked 2nd with 3 points.

Meanwhile, CEO of Nam Dinh Club, Tran Thai Toan also shared the same opinion: “Nam Dinh does not agree with the plan to postpone the V-League schedule. Not playing for such a long time entails many other risks such as living costs, player salaries and bonuses will arise, causing difficulties. difficult for teams with limited finances like Nam Dinh”.

Coach Phan Thanh Hung of SHB Da Nang shared: “The fact that the V-League is delayed for so long will seriously affect the teams, from training and competition plans to contracts with players.”

Mr. Van Sy Hung – Deputy Director of SLNA Club, said that VFF and VPF need to make the most reasonable decision, because moving back to 2022 will create many consequences.

Video HAGL 1-0 Hanoi:

Dai Nam

V-League 2021 can be postponed until 2/2022

V-League 2021 can be postponed until 2/2022

VPF plans to postpone the 2021 V-League LS to February 2022 because of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic and had to make room for the Vietnamese team.

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