V-League postponed: Mr. Park breathed Hanoi FC and HAGL

Hanoi FC, HAGL are probably the most beneficial teams when the LS V-League 2021 pauses due to the COVID-19 translation, when both need a little more time to come back stronger.

1. The LS V-League has to postpone most of the matches in the third round, and the entire fourth round because of the COVID-19 flu, causing a disturbance in the 2021 season, having difficulty in scheduling compensation.

In addition to the mixed schedule, the teams will also have difficulties similar to the 2020 season in signing foreign soldiers, when it is likely to last longer than expected.

However, this is a force majeure problem for the organizers when the health of the community, players and team members are most important.

V-League matches are having trouble because of the COVID-19 flu

The tournament can only return when the COVID-19 flu is under control, and probably can only start after the Lunar New Year with the fifth round taking place on February 27 according to the announced schedule.

2. Before the V-League had to pause under mandatory conditions, Hanoi FC was the team that most disappointed the fans with two empty-handed matches against Nam Dinh and Binh Duong.

If you do not postpone due to force majeure, it is highly likely that the Capital team will not easily get the first score at V-Leaue 2021 when they have to come as a guest at Lach Tray before Hai Phong is in high form.

So in the mishaps of the COVID-19 epidemic, the fortunes of Hanoi FC let the former champions regain their spirits, as well as prepare better professionally to return to the track with the right position or strength. that this team owns.

V-League postponed: Mr. Park sighed Hanoi FC and HAGL
But the force majeure pause leaves a chance for Hanoi FC to return

Nearly 1 month until the return of the V-League is definitely enough for coach Chu Dinh Nghiem and his colleagues to find out about the home team’s illness to speed up in the future.

3. Not bad, if I don’t want to say that it is gradually going well under coach Kiatisuk, but the V-League pause because of the COVID-19 translation is also an opportunity for HAGL to get better in the future.

This is for sure, because it is very clear that although the German football team is changing a lot of the spirit of the game compared to the previous seasons, but professionally, it seems that HAGL is still quite encroaching.

The defense or the midfield of the Mountain Street team of course has not made the fans reassured. And having nearly a month of V-League pause is really a good opportunity for coach Kiatisuk to solve the long-standing problems at HAGL.

V-League postponed: Mr. Park sighed Hanoi FC and HAGL
or help HAGL sublimation so that both Mr. Park and Vietnam must be happy

The problem that Kiatisuk faces is not too difficult, but the Thai strategist has too little time to deal with when there are only more than 2 working weeks before entering the new season.

Suddenly having nearly a month of V-League pause is clearly also a surprising “gift” for both Kiatisuk and HAGL to edit and change before coming back stronger.

Of course, the break not part of this plan also creates opportunities for 12 other teams, but when Hanoi FC is back, HAGL is clearly different from what fans want to see.

The reason is very simple because the Vietnamese team succeeds or loses in the form of the two teams that are considered the backbone and quintessence of Mr. Park over the years.

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