VIDEO. A night in a VTC, meeting those who defy the forbidden

Brut spent a night with Leïla in his VTC during a curfew. The first customer is called Samantha. “It was a case of extreme sentimental urgency“, she launches. For others, it is the” need “to see friends that is essential or to go out.”We assume“, launches a passenger before adding:”There, it’s because we really crack, we really wanted to go out. “

If Leïla continues to work, she ensures that it is currently not profitable at the financial level. “In times of Covid, we will say, we are at 700, 800 euros per week of turnover, you withdraw 400 euros for the rental“, she explains. Despite a lower turnover, she considers herself to be”not to complain“.”I have no barriers in terms of movement (…) It’s really this breath of fresh air that people don’t have, I have it.“, she adds. During the night we followed Leïla, she drove from 10 pm to 4 am for a turnover of 107 euros.

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