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It is an illegal test in France but that many have already carried out: for 60 euros, you can discover through DNA your origins, parents, a new family … Information that can turn a life upside down.

It is an illegal test in France but that many have already carried out out of curiosity: to discover through DNA its origins, parents, cousins, a new family. For 60 euros, you send a saliva sample to an American or Israeli laboratory. A few days later, you receive information that can turn your life upside down.

A question of identity

This is what happened to Françoise. At 78, she found thanks to this test four half-siblings on the side of her biological parents whom she never knew. Georges, 72, took the test out of a passion for genealogy. And discovered a girl he had conceived at the age of 16. They met. For Valentine, 19, it’s a question of identity. Abandoned at birth on a path, she took the test and hired a genetic genealogy detective to find her parents and trace her life back.

A report by Perrine Bonnet, Claire-Marie Denis and Benoît Sauvage broadcast in “Special Envoy” on June 17, 2021.

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– Jean-Louis Beaucarnot, genealogist, and Nathalie Jovanovic-Floricourt, president of the DNA Pass association, authors of What’s new in the family? (ed. Buchet-Chastel).

– Article of the Penal Code which establishes the ban on resorting to “recreational” tests in France under penalty of a fine of 3,750 euros.

– The first names Georges and Camille are pseudonyms, used at the request of this witness, anxious to preserve his biological daughter and the rest of her family.

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