VIDEO. Hand torn off during Redon’s free party: what happened



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The young man who lost his hand on June 19 in Redon during a free party filed a complaint for willful violence and non-assistance to anyone in danger. According to several witnesses, the emergency services could not access the site. They tell what happened …

I try to call for help once, twice and in fact help never comes. “,”I explain to them that I am a journalist and that there is one seriously injured. “On Saturday June 19 in Redon, a small town in Ille-et-Vilaine in Brittany, several hundred people set up a free party in tribute to Steve Maia Caniço, a young man who died two years earlier. there, the gendarmes are already there: an evening “extremely tense“will begin. Will take place 7 hours of confrontation in”darkness the most total“. There will be several serious injuries during the evening including a young person who will lose his hand. Clément Lanot, independent journalist and present on the spot remembers an explosion resembling that of a grenade. Information confirmed by Ombline, president of Techno +. “At one point, several simultaneous grenade slamming is heard and suddenly someone is screaming“, she says.

There is no help who can get on site, this is what the police tell us when we arrive at the checkpoint.“, remembers Ombline. She adds:”It was after 20 minutes that one of the gendarmes approached his colleague and said to him: “Listen, couldn’t they come in and get this young man who is on this site out?“It is ultimately people present on site who will take care of the injured and take him to the emergency room.”We did not see a single firefighter during the whole event“Deplores Ombline. Asked by Brut, the prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine declined to comment on the ongoing investigations.

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