VIDEO. PMA: “We are not unhappy not to have waited for it to be legal”, says the partner of a woman who had to go to Denmark five times to have a child

After 9,000 euros spent, particularly in travel expenses to go to Denmark, to benefit from medically assisted procreation (MAP), the fifth attempt was the right one: Cécile finally gave birth to a little Raphaëlle, born with forty days in advance. So, what conclusions can we draw from this real obstacle course?

“We’re not going to lie to each other … It would be easier if we could do it the same way as straight guys and if there wasn’t everything behind a PMA abroad, tells his partner Flavia to the magazine ‘1:15 p.m. on Saturday’ (replay), but we are not unhappy to have done it and not to have waited for it to be legal… because there, it is really that happiness this little baby. “

“Yes, it was a hassle, but it’s not just that”

“There is a lot of pride to have done this course, had the help of Denmark and to have met these absolutely brilliant people there, testifies Cécile. I’ll be proud enough to explain his story to him, to tell him what we had to go through. Yes, it was a hassle, but it’s not just that either. We both managed, starting from scratch, to build this crazy project… “

“We try to put up a lot of barriers and, in the end, we get there together by coming out stronger than when we started … And we come out with this wonder, she continues. We hoped that the bill would facilitate parentage, but as they drag, they drag… “ So Cécile and Flavia are going to get married. The date is not yet fixed, but it is their next life project: a wedding and, no doubt, a second baby …

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