Vingroup stops producing Vsmart TVs and smartphones

On May 9, Vingroup suddenly announced that VinSmart (a subsidiary) would stop researching and producing televisions and mobile phones to focus resources on developing electronic products and features about ” Infotainment “for VinFast cars. This is a strategic step to bring VinFast towards its goal of becoming one of the smartest and most convenient electric car manufacturers in the world.

According to the new decision, VinSmart will stop the development of televisions and mobile phones, and switch to the development of smart features on vehicles and houses. In which, the focus is on developing information – entertainment – service (Infotainment) features for VinFast cars.

The second task is to focus on the research, design and manufacture of electronic components, battery cells, complete battery systems and electric motors of all kinds, in order to increase localization rates. and ensure a high quality supply of VinFast. In addition, VinSmart will also continue to promote current research on smart cities, smart homes and related IoT devices to bring superior living experiences to users.

Aris 01 – Aris Pro phone, the first hidden camera phone in Vietnam, manufactured by VinSmart

To put all of their energy into a new direction, VinSmart factories will continue to produce existing phones and televisions until the end of the product’s life cycle to supply the market. Then part of the factory will be used to outsource to partners, while the rest is expanded to adjust to produce new products.

Regarding products sold to the market, VinSmart commits to maintain the warranty, repair and care as committed until the day when customers no longer use the product. In particular, a part of the phone software design department continues to research to upgrade and update Vsmart phones that have been sold to the market.

“The production of smart phones or TVs has no longer brought breakthrough capabilities, creating differentiated value for users. Meanwhile, the development of particularly smart cars, smart homes Intelligent cities, even building smart cities … will bring many benefits and outstanding experiences to humanity. Therefore, we are determined to dedicate all resources to this spearhead “- Mr. Nguyen Viet Quang, Vice President and General Director of Vingroup, said.

VinSmart was born in June 2018, starting with the production of smartphones with the Vsmart brand. After nearly 3 years of development, Vsmart has introduced to the market 19 phone models and 5 television models. In particular, Vsmart phones occupied the top 3 smartphone market share in Vietnam and was honored to be the Best Vietnamese Phone Brand Tech Awards 2020, becoming one of the most popular brands in Vietnam.

Earlier on May 6, Vingroup announced that it would gather vehicle development forces from VinFast overseas research institutes to its headquarters in Vietnam to ensure the progress of research and development and class. new car. Previously, the Group also withdrew from retail, agriculture and aviation to focus on the core priority of cars.

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