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We broke up and he hasn’t called: how to get him to call you back

It’s a real dilemma, you broke up with your ex boyfriend and he hasn’t called you. You really want him back, but you don’t want to call him because he might need some space and time away from you. And you can’t afford to leave him without any contact because you’re afraid he’s going to meet another girl and start dating.

This is a battle of patience and time, you’re right you don’t want to call him, he may find you needy or desperate to get back to him, and at the same time you don’t want him to lose hope, start moving on and start seeing other girls .

Balance is what you need in this situation. You don’t want to seem like you’re so desperate to be with him again, and you don’t want him to give up hope of ever getting back together.

So what do you have to do in these situations?

I think the best solution for this is to have your ex call you, opening the lines of communication with your ex is a good sign that you might get back together, but you don’t want to be the first to do it. Because that could mean you’re the weaker side, and then your ex will start imposing his rules and conditions on you.

It’s important at first to break off all communication with your ex boyfriend, so he can take all the time and space he needs. Some girls really nag their boyfriends to the limit. A girl keeps calling, sending flowers, going to her house, stopping by her office. The boy could not bear it; he may feel surrounded and harassed, he is not a good feeling anyway.

I’m not saying that the girls do it on purpose, but they can see that this is a demonstration of your love and care. His sons finally get it as if their girlfriends are controlling their lives, guys need to have their own space, hang out with other guys, watch the Super Bowl on Saturday nights, do some manly activities.

If you left your ex boyfriend alone, he will realize the affection and love with which you surrounded him, he will notice that something is missing in his life. He will start to remember the old days and how he was the center of your life.

Do you realize the answer to the question “We broke up and he hasn’t called?”

He is now enjoying his personal space, like any new toy, it may be exciting at first but after a while he will start to miss you and all the love and attention you gave him.

When you obey the no contact rule with him for the first few weeks, he will surely miss you. It will switch from “I need space” mode to “I’m afraid she might be seeing someone else” mode.

And at that moment he could call you.

But what if he hasn’t called even after the first few weeks? Could you literally force him to call you?

Yes, and there are several methods you can use to make it look like he’s the one who started calling you, let’s go through a few of them.

– Leave him a message on the answering machine (or send him a text) saying that I found something that belongs to you and I want you to get it back, you must be honest and give him something of value when he calls you back.

– Ask for one of his relatives. Her father may have had surgery, or her little sister may not be able to decide which college she will attend. Call him if you’re sure she’s not home, to get him to call you back, or just send him a text.

– Congratulate him on his new promotion, birthday or because his team won the NBA championship. If you know your ex, you know the things that matter most to him, in this case you can also call him when he is not home to ensure that he will call you back or you can send him a text.

There are other techniques you can get him to call you back, but the most important thing is what to say when he calls you back, if you just repeat the same old arguments or complain “we hung up and you didn’t call back”. you won’t get the results you want and it might be the last time you call it.

You must prepare for everything you want to say when he calls you, organize your thinking so that he finds more reasons to answer you.

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