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We buy house signs: the good, the bad and the ugly big yellow

Yes, they are ugly, but … I know they are ugly, that’s the point, these signs are not invisible and help to get the attention of the locals. We live in a world of perfect typography, so when ugly painted text appears, we tend to read it. It is advertising, the sad thing is that, like all other forms of advertising, people also get used to it and become almost invisible. Therefore, I personally use them intermittently.

We buy houses, the truth is …

Most real estate investors are known as transactional engineers with many different tools in their tool bag. Personally, I find that most of the time a cash offer just won’t help the sellers situation, this is where we as investors dig in and get creative! The truth is, sometimes selling the house in a traditional way will cost you money. We work to find a solution to at least make sure it doesn’t get out of your pocket when selling. If you are in a position where you or your loved ones need to sell your home quickly, know you have options, and that big ugly yellow sign was for you!

Most people don’t want the ugly sign, but …

While 95% of people will walk by without thinking about it. There are some people who come across these beacons of hope and are relieved. Mr. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, said it best: “Your home is not an asset,” not only is it a fundamental truth, but sometimes your home can hurt your finances. Letting the house go into foreclosure is what most people end up having to do, not knowing they had options! So while you might be thinking you are helping your community by “cleaning up” and removing the ugly yellow sign. In fact, you may be hurting someone in a life-changing way – foreclosure is not pleasant!

Ugly for beauty, you decide …

These signs are typically posted in high traffic and cash transaction areas, and not in residential communities. Yes, they make your phone survey look ugly, but let’s take a closer look at the good they do for your neighborhood. You know that empty house that grows tall grass, almost as fast as the haunted house stories it’s spawning? That is what we are looking for as investors! We found these houses ugly and completely renovated them! Investors are making them beautiful again by adding value to your neighborhood! Let the phone survey look ugly, your home is now worth more for it!

Don’t remove the ugly yellow signs, they help people, and well … they cost a lot of money. For those of you who have seen these signs and finally brought them here, I hope I was able to give you an idea!

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