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What do I eat? Why the health of your colon determines your total health

What do I eat? Eating proteins and vegetables that are low on the glycemic index and high in fiber is a start. Adding a little (very little) fat so it doesn’t feel familiar will round out a meal.

Do you need three meals and snacks throughout the day? It’s fine as long as you know what protein you need, or if you want to include fruit, it’s best to eat it 2 hours after your protein and vegetable and fat meal.

So all doctors recommend loose stools, not diarrhea, just nice soft stools. I know this is possible. I cut inflammatory foods out of my diet and added a few things I never thought I’d eat. I feel good and my digestion has a nice smooth consistency. Sometimes I poop twice a day. According to the people of Africa, it is good to poop after every meal. I found this to be a challenge. I feel a little weak when I poop too much.

My friend in Colorado pooped five times a day. She lives in an area that has a high mineral content in the water. Adding magnesium here was not a good idea for her. Knowing your genetics and knowing the diseases you want to prevent, knowing the area where you live and how water or air influences your digestion, will be factors when determining which foods and which combinations work for you. So colon health is nice soft stools, at least once a day and sometimes twice.

How can I keep belly fat off? From here, you can find your best proteins. High-fiber, low-glycemic foods are pretty universal. Broccoli, kale, romaine lettuce, and onion. Do you have a family history of osteoporosis? How plums help. Who can eat grains and how does this help someone feel satisfied?

Adjusting your diet will help prevent hemorrhoids and prevent an inflammatory bowel that can cause bleeding. Bleeding is a sign of an imbalanced colon. Healing your colon can be achieved by eating low-nutrient, unprocessed foods and adding natural, whole foods. Having the energy to cook for yourself as you age will help your colon stay healthy so you can live your life to the fullest of your age and feel great without pain in the process.

So turkey is a universally beneficial food. My blood type B friend is swapping all her chicken recipes for her turkey. Little changes. Fish is better for blood type A, and she couldn’t eat it every day. I have found that eggs are good and turkey when needed to feel full.

My blood type B friend normalized her A1C by eating lamb and romaine lettuce. My friends in their 70s feel better eating turkey.

The zone diet is very important and depends on whether you are low carb, low fat or balanced. Did you know that the 75 percent of genetic types need far more high-fiber, low-glycemic carbohydrates to lose belly fat than the tiny 25 percent? This is why we get into trouble with processed carbohydrates. The best solution is to eat less protein, that is, try something the width and thickness of the palm of your hand.

Experiment with your portion sizes. You may be surprised at how it improves your digestion and how it can minimize your hemorrhoids. Not dealing with this as I’ve aged has been the biggest benefit I personally can find when adjusting my diet.

Lastly, adding beans to your dishes and salads will help you feel full. Adzuki beans are great for blood type O and blood type A. Kidney beans are great for blood type B. Pinto beans are great for blood type AB.

More complete information for variety in your diet, will keep your body happy, in free e-mails. Taking you step by step through this change will help your body slowly adjust. Shift fast or slow depending on how you feel.

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