What happens when you eat too much eggplant?

Possibility of anesthesia and poisoning if eaten too much

According to experts, in eggplant contains a substance called solanine – which is a substance that helps protect eggplant plants, has antioxidant effects and inhibits cancer cells, but also has a strong stimulating effect on the body. respiratory centers, has an anesthetic effect. So when eating too much eggplant can be toxic. Solanine is insignificantly soluble in water, so it cannot be destroyed when boiled.

Accordingly, some of the symptoms that may be encountered are burning, throat, nausea, vomiting or arrhythmia. Severe reactions can lead to death. Therefore, according to experts, if you only eat eggplant in low to moderate amounts, you will not experience symptoms of solanin poisoning.

Causes severe diarrhea if eaten too much

In Oriental medicine, eggplant is a cold food, if eaten a lot, it can make the stomach feel uncomfortable, causing severe diarrhea. Therefore, consumers in general, especially those who are having problems in the stomach, weakness or poor physical condition, should not eat much and often.

Eating eggplant improperly can be harmful to health. Illustration

Causes itchy skin

Many medical journals report itching in the skin and mouth after eating eggplant because eggplant contains a protein and some metabolites that act as a type of histamine in high levels. To avoid, you need to cook eggplant thoroughly before eating.

Prevents the body’s absorption of iron

Research on nasunin – a phytochemical found in eggplant shows that this substance can bind to iron and remove it from the cells, known as chelation. For the few people with excessive iron in their bodies, this process can be helpful. However, for people with normal or low iron levels, consuming too much eggplant is extremely harmful, because it will cause you to have an iron deficiency in the body, leading to anemia.

Easy to form kidney stones

Eggplant contains high levels of oxalate – an acid that can contribute to kidney stone formation in people who are prone to oxalates. This is a dangerous disease that, if not treated quickly, can cause serious kidney damage or death. Therefore, people with asthma or kidney disease should not eat a lot of foods containing oxalates, including eggplant.

Side effects of eating too many apples a day (VietQ.vn) – According to many scientific studies, eating apples is very good for health, however, eating too many apples also causes side effects for health.

Possibility of eggplant allergy

Although very rare, but eggplants have a side effect that they can cause allergic reactions to the body, especially for people with atopic or allergies. Symptoms of eggplant allergy are often similar to those of other food allergies: itchy lips, tongue or throat, dry cough, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Symptoms usually appear after a few minutes of eating eggplant, sometimes after a few hours. In severe cases, an eggplant allergy can lead to anaphylaxis.

How to eat eggplant to eliminate toxins

Eggplant also contains a higher amount of nicotine than any other fruit, with a concentration of 0.01mg/100g. To avoid toxicity, only eat eggplant 2-3 times a week, about 100-200g each time by cooking simple dishes to eat with rice.

Eggplants should not be cooked at too high a temperature, as they will lose a lot of nutrients. Even fried eggplant dishes can lose up to 50% of the vitamin content in eggplant. Therefore, when processing eggplant, the temperature should be low.

Should eat stewed or stewed eggplant will not lose the nutritional components inherent in eggplant but still help you have a delicious and nutritious dish.

When processing eggplant, it should not be combined with other cold foods, but should also add a few slices of ginger to reduce the cold. Towards the end of autumn and winter, the eggplant has a slightly bitter, bitter taste, so it is more prone to welding, so people with poor physical health should avoid eating a lot, especially those who are often going out.

In addition, it is recommended to soak the eggplant in salted water and then rinse the sliced ​​eggplant pieces to make it softer and remove most of the bitterness of the eggplant, making the dish more delicious.

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