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What kind of shoes should I wear for a mini trampoline?

The advantage of a mini trampoline is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. This raises the particular question then: what type of footwear will be the most suitable? Will footwear in particular wear down the trampoline pad? Would it be safe to jump barefoot? What about the socks?

We are here to answer these types of questions once and for all so that you can increase your comfort and safety.

Let’s start by covering the shoes we recommend you DO wear for your little trampoline. Certainly you should first check with any paperwork that came with your rebounder regarding certain manufacturer guidelines.

A pair of tennis, running, or cross-training shoes are ideal for exercising on a small trampoline. They have enough traction on the soles to make sure you don’t slip, but are still soft enough that they won’t damage the top layer of the trampoline over time. Also, these types of shoes provide great support for people who have poor arches or perhaps if your feet hurt after a round on the small trampoline. These types of shoes were built to bounce back, allowing you to stay grounded as you push toward your fitness goals.

Much better compared to tennis shoes are not shoes. Your own bare feet come with a natural non-slip sole. In addition, you will be able to experience the subtle adjustments to the surface of the mini trampoline that will allow you to get used to the changes in your jumping sequence. Additionally, bouncing in bare feet can help improve muscles in the feet that would otherwise go unused when wearing shoes. It really depends on comfort and choice whether you choose to wear tennis shoes or go barefoot.

An ideal compromise between bare feet and footwear comes in the form of Vibram FiveFinger shoes. They may seem strange, but they definitely give you the non-slip grip of a shoe with all the general flexibility and subtle movements that come with barefoot rebounding.

Regarding safety, our recommendation is that you do not use the following when using a small trampoline. You will also extend the life of your trampoline by following these suggestions.

While it can be tempting to jump around in your socks, especially when exercising at home, it’s a bad idea. Your socks give the bottom of your feet no proper grip in any way. The upper part of the trampoline is also elegant. Add to that the proven fact that you’ll be jumping and spinning on the trampoline and it’s a recipe for disaster.

If we haven’t mentioned it earlier in this post, then it’s probably not smart to use it on a mini trampoline. We are discussing things like flip flops, sandals, heels, boots, dress shoes, high heels, slip-ons, the list can go on so much more. Use common sense and wear bare feet or athletic shoes that have soft soles while bouncing. It will ensure that you and your trampoline last for years to come.

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