Where did the success of Rafa Nadal, Ferran Adrià and Teresa Perales come from?

Surrounding yourself with the right people is the prelude to achieving all kinds of goals, the necessary drive and encouragement with which to squeeze both our talent and that of others. Feeling close to the support of those we love, of those who bring out the best in each one of us, leads us to achieve goals that, on certain occasions, we believe are impossible. This is how great Spanish names such as Rafa Nadal, Ferran Adrià, Teresa Perales, Javier Gómez Noya or Nacho Azofra have forged part of their successes.

Hand in hand with these ambassadors, who will share their most personal experiences explaining the power of connections with other people, and other lesser-known faces, such as Javier Perea, founder of Smartprotect, Telefónica has just launched the #MejorConectados platform. A project to bring together the whole of society to teach its extraordinary ability to connect, inspire and train talent. It is about promoting people through knowing what relationships they came to forge to achieve unusual, original and surprising achievements.

And it is not only an initiative open to international and national references, but each one can contribute their grain of sand. Users can also post their goal achievement stories thanks to the support of others to motivate and drive talent. They have the possibility to tell about their experience, what talent they have and how they developed it thanks to connecting with others. “At Telefónica we believe in a more human world. A world that moves thanks to the talent of people. That’s why we support it as we know best: connecting it. #MejorConectados wants to be a place to be inspired, meet and achieve incredible things, ”says Rafael Fernández de Alarcón, Director of Brand, Sponsorship and Media at Telefónica.

#MejorConectados, which is available at www.mejorconectados.com and on the Telefónica channels, has several motivating sections. The first of them, Incredible stories. The brand’s ambassadors, such as Nadal and Perales, and more anonymous faces star in a series of videos where they include close and real testimonies, along with previously unpublished images, where they explain their human connections and how they have contributed to their successes. Another section is Live experiences. In this space there will be interrelationships between the protagonists of these stories and the users who access the platform. These meetings will have different formats: from talks to participation in virtual sports events. In addition, you will soon be able to access tutorials and masterclass that will help boost talent and achieve challenges.

Achieve the unthinkable

To close the loop, the initiative includes the Share your story area. Any user can tell his story, what is his strength and how he developed it thanks to the support of others. They can achieve it with an image, with a thread of emojis or with a video. At Telefónica they believe that talent has a multiplier effect. In addition to learning about unpublished stories and the teamwork of sports, cultural or audiovisual production sponsorships, which help to create human connections, it includes the employability, education or solidarity initiatives of Fundación Telefónica and the collaboration between Wayra entrepreneurs.

“Without all the people who have been by my side, none of this would have been possible,” says Nadal in one of the stories he shares in the initiative. And this is the purpose of #MejorConectados: to achieve the unthinkable. “People are the most revolutionary machinery ever conceived. We have learned that keeping them connected to each other is the greatest challenge we can aspire to, to unite instead of isolate, to move forward and not go backward, to allow them to be themselves, express themselves, share, prosper, dream, love and, finally, live ”, summarizes José María Álvarez-Pallete, CEO of Telefónica.

Telefónica has worked hand in hand with the Picnic agency in the brand strategy, VMLY & R in the creative part and development of the platform, Havas as a media agency and LaCañaBrothers and Reafilma in the production of the contents. An idea that comes true thanks to the connection of all this talent working as a team. The formula chosen for the moment allows the initiative to serve as a vehicle for communication and conversation, capable of growing over time as people use it and share its contents.

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