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Where to see celebrities in Nashville

Like Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, Nashville has more celebrities than most cities. The Stars of Beyond the Country Music Nashville is home to Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton, actress Nicole Kidman, pop star Jewell, and many more. So where do you have to go to find a celebrity in Nashville?

Well, it just so happens that there is only one Whole Foods in Nashville, and it’s in the Green Hills area of ​​the city, near the intersection of Hillsboro and Woodmont Boulevard. Nicole Kidman, Eddie George, Micheal W. Smith, Amy Grant, and Keith Urban are seen there often.

Hot Yoga near downtown Nashville is another great hangout for celebrities. Jewell, some of the country music stars and the Rockettes use Hot Yoga to stay in shape. If you’re going to do that, bring a towel, a good attitude, and get ready for a liberating workout.

The Disney store in Franklin, TN, is also the only one of its kind in town. Scott Hamilton was recently shopping there with his children. Franklin is one of the suburbs where most of the celebrities live, so the unique and higher-profile boats are a good bet there.

And don’t forget the Nashville sports scene. Scott Hamilton, Vince Young, and even Evander Holyfiled have been spotted at Nashville Predators hockey games. Not to mention Amy Grant, Jimmy Jameson (Survivor lead singer), Winger, and Jack White have also been seen there.

The great thing about being a celebrity in Nashville is the way the locals treat you. Most people don’t tease celebrities, instead nodding or making a statement of appreciation. So if you are in Nashville and you see a celebrity, do what the Romans do and let them enjoy their lifestyle too.

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