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Who is my soul mate? Do I have more than one soul mate?

One of the strongest influences I’ve come to realize after years of doing psychic readings and numerology readings, and the most frequently asked question many of us would like to know is, “Is this person my soul mate?” The word itself, soul mate, awakens not only all those important instincts to be with a person we like to think we are meant to be, but also to know if the object of our desire is in fact “the one.” Or is it a false positive, or simply a hunger for what we want most and experience least?

Soulmate. It evokes the often held belief that at some point in our lives we are destined to find the one person who is our other half, the other side of the equation that completes us, the last full love we are bound to. You know, not the one we’re with right now necessarily and I just feel like it’s, well, not bad; maybe they’ll work until the real one shows up. Not that one. The one that when we meet, we will simply know and feel something that we have never felt before. You just get the feeling that they are the one. The only problem is that you’ve met several people who might fit that description. And that’s the thing. Is a soul mate the only person with whom you can establish a deep connection to the exclusion of all others, a unique partner? Are we left abandoned and to some extent alone if we never find that feeling or meet that person who was born to fulfill this burning desire for our last travel companion or love partner on this plane of existence?

What is? For many of us, but not all of us, it is certainly a desire that we must fulfill so strongly that we believe that we can never be truly whole or truly happy unless we do so. So one must suspect that the soul mate is a tremendous connection that the forces of nature, or God, or fate will manifest in our lifetime. Without this special connection, we can feel lost, not special, that God has abandoned us, or worse, that we simply must not have been worthy enough to be destined for that special relationship in this life. Leaving us feeling incomplete. So is it our destiny to find the one every time? Is there a person who can satisfy us?

Through my meditations, I have channeled the knowledge, the truth of higher consciousness. In one of those meditations, and this was before I had read similar information on the subject of soul mates or twin flames. I got this message: we are all born into soul groups. Within these groups are definite experiences that, shall we say, we are destined to have. You can think of who and when, but only within the soul group you were born into. Free will plays an important role in our lives at all times. Randomness is an important part of the experience. Otherwise we would all be robots with no need for conscience or free will. So within our groups we are supposed to have choices that are in fact random within the confines of the soul group. For example, you have a recipe for a cake. There are ingredients that make up the cake that you have to use to make it, but you can choose what kind of cake it will be and you can mix the ingredients, you can do it now or later. So our soul group is made up of many different people, but there are certain people that you “must” have an experience with in order to move to the next level. But you can choose. Some of these may include from your family, friends, associates, etc. Outside of your family (which is predetermined), you must choose. Some you will know, some you have met before. That feeling of familiarity or feeling like you’ve met someone before is because you have. Sometimes it comes to karmic relationships. Think of them as ongoing past life relationships that were unresolved in some way and both of you have chosen to be here now. When this happens, there is sometimes a feeling of happiness and kindred spirit, initially. Definitely someone in your soul group. A soul mate! Soulmate relationships are not always of the pleasant variety that many of us know.

Don’t get it wrong.

Sometimes we confuse this feeling of familiarity and kindred spirit with that person being the only one (life partner). Because feelings and attraction are very strong. You will be attracted to a soul mate! It goes with the territory. The question here is how do you know when is the person you should be in a long-term relationship with that leads to marriage, children, etc. The truth is that we have many soul mates when we incarnate in being. You can choose from the available souls (in your party). What is most important and rarely thought of is that we are meant to have the experience! Learning to grow from being with that person, whether or not it leads to an ultimate life partner type of relationship. Life is short, learn fast. Because even if the soul mate you’re with now doesn’t lead you to marriage or a long-term, permanent relationship, what you’ve learned will lead you to your next experience that you too will choose. Stay with me.

Therefore, try to think outside the box. Think of life as a place where we have come to learn, grow and evolve. To illuminate and ascend to higher spiritual planes. Our relationships, choices, and decisions define how we live our life, but more importantly, how we will live our future.

Are you ready for your soul mate?

At first, our souls split into two (twins). One half female, the other male. Think of it like the positive and negative charge in the nucleus of an atom. Although both charges naturally repel each other, there is a stronger force that overcomes it creating something potentially very powerful. We incarnate again and again, we meet and live life sometimes together and other times apart, but in constant search of each other, in constant evolution. Eventually, you will have the Twin Flame relationship on this plane of existence if you have evolved enough to match the other’s strength or potency. But eventually your souls will unite again and you will be one. And for this reason, we walk this earth in search of our other half and have an instinctive and powerful drive to find it. And that’s why it’s so important to all of us at some point in our evolution. It is like the air we breathe. It is an essential aspect of the formation of the soul and its destiny to become one again. From there the possibilities are endless. Imagine the power of love uniting two perfected souls as one for an eternity. We are in the early stages of this development, this love story here on earth, and the journey is just as important as this destination! In fact, if you’re here, it’s about the journey and learning to love yourself.

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