Why Barca shocked, invited Ronaldo to play with Messi

President Joan Laporta came up with a ‘crazy’ idea, looking for a way to bring Ronaldo to the Nou Camp to play football with Messi!

Source Diario AS announced, the head of Barca is planning to shock with Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus. He wants to bring Messi’s ‘rival’ for many years to play with… Messi!

President Laporta, in the midst of Barca’s financial difficulties, he came up with a ‘crazy’ idea to pull Ronaldo back to play football with Messi

Ronaldo paired with Messi is the ‘unreal’ dream of millions of football fans. And now, the President of Barca intends to make the impossible possible!

It is believed that Barca’s current financial difficulties lead to… a crazy idea from the head of the Catalan team.

In spite of Messi has not renewed his contract, with only 8 days left to go, but Barca have faith, their great legend will stay, where he himself belongs. Besides, Barca is looking to approach Ronaldo from Juventus for revenue goals – which can save them from difficulties.

Why Barca shocked, invited Ronaldo to play with Messi
Messi and Ronaldo have been rivals for many years, can they become teammates in the ‘utopian’ dream of many people?

Barca’s revenue will certainly increase sharply if they have both the two best superstars in the world, many years as worthy opponents of each other, in the same squad. At that time, they can also solve the salary problem for Ronaldo.

According to the above source, President Laporta intends to bet two Barca players including Griezmann, Coutinho or Sergi Roberto, as part of a plan to negotiate Juventus to sign Ronaldo, who is entering the final year of his contract.

Everyone knows that the prospect of seeing Ronaldo playing with Messi is ‘crazy’, unlikely, but it’s still like magic, attracting everyone’s attention. Can President Laporta do it?


MU interested in Dumfries, Barca asked to buy Ronaldo

MU interested in Dumfries, Barca asked to buy Ronaldo

MU is interested in winger Denzel Dumfries, Barca surprised Cristiano Ronaldo as the main transfer news today, June 22.



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