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Why Buy a Kanye Poster Framed?

Buy a Kanye Poster Framed

Many have asked me this, can a Kanye West poster be framed? Well I guess if you would like to decorate your walls with a bit of pop art and culture then they are the perfect choice. Of course in my day and age everyone has their own form of ‘pop art’ and I do not refer to this type of art but more modern forms of culture such as graffiti and hip hop. These types of posters are so unique because they are just so different to anything else. Of course everyone will have a different opinion on what is great about them and this is why framed posters are a good idea because they allow you all to speak about the great times you had with the great artist that was Kanye West.

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If you are not a fan of hip hop and rock then you would not have heard of Kanye West. He was one of the most popular and talented artists in the music industry at the time and his solo albums have always been incredible and innovative. One of his most well known songs was’Pablo Picasso’ and although it is now well known and well loved it was originally written and recorded way back in 1977. He spoke about how he wanted his solo album to sound exactly like the Pablo Picasso painting he had seen in his youth and it took him years to perfect it.

The album was not a huge success because it was not a pop album or an easy listen for many people and many felt that it lacked the hype that many other albums had received during that time. It was not until the album’Pablo Picasso’ was re-released a few years later that everything changed. The album received a massive amount of positive reviews from all over the world and its popularity increased massively. Once the album became a huge success it followed suit with ‘The Look of This Place’ and ‘Runway [Explicit]” which were both also successful and popular. These three albums helped to cement the reputation of Kanye West as one of the best artists in the entire music industry.

Why Buy a Kanye Poster Framed?

As he was touring with ‘The Dynasty: Roc La Familia’ it was inevitable that the musician would receive a lot of attention from fans and the merchandisers around him wanted to give him something to keep them interested. They came up with the idea of creating a limited edition of’Pablo Picasso’ posters. Although he had never done this before they managed to make it look really good so that it looked authentic. As well as the album artwork itself, each poster was actually taken from the concert the artist had been performing at that time. They were printed at the exact location and date which meant that you could get a unique Kanye poster framed just like the original art work would look.

Of course the real draw to these concert tickets is the fact that you get to see the artist live. Usually you only get to witness his performances when he is either part of a tour or performing live at a club or arena. With these rare and limited edition concert tickets you can actually attend the entire show which means that you will be able to relive every single moment of the performance for yourself. You will then be left asking yourself ‘how did they stage that show so perfectly?’

Another great reason to frame your original Kanye poster is because it would make a fantastic gift for yourself. Whenever you are feeling down or having a bad day you always see pictures of the artist, you would probably never think about having a poster of Kanye on the wall until you see one. It would instantly brighten up your day and make you feel better. So if you have a bit of space in your home that you are not using you could add a few original pieces of art to it so that you can have a reminder of how amazing the artist is.

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