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Yoga Alliance Prenatal YTT Program

Yoga Alliance Prenatal

The goal of the Yoga Alliance Prenatal YTT Program is to train prenatal yoga teachers to support and nurture the health of expectant mothers. The training focuses on the development of safe and effective techniques for teaching pregnancy-related poses, breath awareness, and relaxation. The course will teach participants about the risks and benefits of pregnancy-related postures, and how to modify poses according to the stage of pregnancy. The course is ideal for new teachers and seasoned professionals alike.

Yoga Alliance Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

The program is led by Dr. Claire Sandberg, a perinatal yoga specialist and physician. The curriculum is rooted in modern science, while honoring the philosophies and lived experiences of yoga. The course is ideal for aspiring teachers who are seeking a deeper understanding of the physical and emotional aspects of the practice. The curriculum also provides detailed information on anatomy and psychology, as well as how to incorporate this into your teachings.

The course is comprised of two parts: an online course and an in-person workshop. The online course is self-paced, and requires a minimum of four weeks to complete. The in-person training takes about four days and costs $495. It is ideal for working women who want to integrate yoga into their lives. The training will also give participants the knowledge to effectively teach yoga in the perinatal setting.

Yoga Alliance Prenatal YTT Program

The online course consists of an eight-hour e-learning course that can be taken as a self-paced course. You can choose to enroll in the course and complete it in one or two days. It costs $495 for the full course. You can even choose to attend individual classes if you wish to earn continuing education credit, which is invaluable for a new teacher. You must be a 200-hour yoga teacher to take the program. The registration fee is $97.

The certification program includes hands-on teaching sessions and practical teaching. You must have completed at least 200-hours of yoga teacher training. To complete the certification process, you must have a certified prenatal yoga teaching certificate. It is essential to attend a yoga teacher’s certification course. This is a mandatory prerequisite. You must be a registered member of the Yoga Alliance before applying for a course. You must also be registered with the USPTO and its jurisdictions.

The program requires a minimum of 200-hours of experience in hatha yoga. To qualify, you must have a minimum of two years of experience teaching hatha yoga. You must also have a solid understanding of alignment. You must be able to demonstrate and explain correct alignment, hand-on adjustments, and be comfortable in a yoga teacher’s chair. This is a necessary part of the training.

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