Airlines need to arrange someone to assist passengers with medical declaration

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam has sent documents to units requesting reinforcement of measures to prevent and fight against Covid-19 epidemics at airports.

Tan Son Nhat airport was congested on March 27

Accordingly, in order to strengthen prevention and control measures against Covid-19 epidemics at airports, to avoid spreading to the community, the Department requires airlines, airports, regional airport authorities and agencies. Aviation authorities and units in the aviation sector urgently continue to promote propaganda on the requirement of mandatory medical declaration before flights and epidemic prevention and control under the direction of the National Steering Committee. on the prevention of epidemic Covid 19, the Steering Committee of the Ministry of Transport, the directions and instructions of the Ministry of Health.

The airlines strictly follow the instructions for passengers to make electronic medical declarations when doing online procedures at the website: or on the application of the medical declaration (Vietnam Health Declaration) in the Khai section. domestic health care; is responsible for organizing and controlling the passenger’s medical declaration, ensuring that passengers make a medical report before boarding the aircraft.

The airlines refuse to transport cases that do not comply with medical declarations and disease safety regulations. In case passengers have not made a medical declaration according to the regulations on boarding, the airlines must take responsibility according to the provisions of law.

In addition, it is necessary to arrange the airline’s personnel at the check-in kiosks at the passenger terminal to assist and guide passengers in making medical declarations. Coordinate with airports to deploy notices to passengers requiring a pre-flight medical declaration on the radio system at the passenger terminal. Coordinate with airports to deploy notices to passengers requiring pre-flight medical declaration on the notification screens at airports and through notification panels in easy-to-see areas. such as check-in counters, screening security areas and pre-departure inspection areas (aircraft exit areas).

For airports, the Department requires airports and airports to coordinate with airlines to assist and guide passengers to complete the medical declaration and arrange staff to check the medical declaration of passengers. Before loading into the security screening area, ensure 100% of passengers make a medical report and avoid jams when passing the security screening point at the airport. Assist and facilitate airlines to notify passengers requiring mandatory medical declaration before flight on radio systems or on notification screens at airports.

Recently, although the peak season has not yet arrived, congestion at airports has taken place, especially at Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) and Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi City). One of the reasons is that passengers have not made medical reports before checking in.

Information from Noi Bai airport shows that many passengers who have not had electronic medical reports are still lining up for security screening. After nearly a month of implementing the regulations on mandatory medical declaration of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, at Noi Bai airport, it is recorded that passengers who have not done electronic medical declaration are still waiting in line for security procedures. Security is not much. Specifically, on March 30, there were 1,447 guests who had not made medical reports, on March 31, there were 712 guests who had not made medical reports, of which the majority were those who checked-in web check-in, kiosk check-in. (accounting for 80%).

A large number of passengers who have not made medical declarations have entered security checkpoints, especially during peak hours, leading to congestion, frustration for passengers, flight delays, and photos. affects the quality of service at Noi Bai airport.

According to passengers’ reflection, some airlines have arranged staff to guide passengers to complete medical declaration procedures, but still the airline has not paid attention to this. Many passengers, especially elderly passengers, are confused in medical declaration, but have not received timely support. As for the airline and the airport side, it is recommended that passengers, before going to the airport, should actively make a medical declaration on, save information (take a photo of the QR code after declaration). report success).

Present this QR code to the airline staff at the check-in counter, at the check-in kiosks area, or at the area in front of the security checkpoint entrance to get your medical clearance stamp. before entering the security check.

In order to facilitate passenger support, especially in the case of elderly passengers who do not use smartphones, Noi Bai airport recently organized more medical notification points including 6 internet-connected desktops. install the C zone and in the E lobby of the T1 Passenger Terminal right in front of the queue for security screening.

Noi Bai Airport recommends airlines, ground service units to arrange enough staff at: check-in counters, check-in kiosks, in front of the entrance to the security checkpoint and at the location. The location of medical declaration desks to control and assist passengers, ensuring 100% of passengers must complete the electronic medical declaration before entering the screening security checkpoint.

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