Claire Arnoux: “I don’t like media lynching”

Claire Arnoux, journalist at beIn Sports. (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

If TF1 and M6 share the broadcasting of 23 of the 52 matches of the Euro, it is on beIn Sports that we can see the competition in its entirety. Every weekend, Claire Arnoux receives celebrities in her VIP lounge and for the meetings of the Blues, she invites herself to people. Wednesday June 23, it is with the host of Skyrock, Fred Musa that she will settle down to follow Portugal-France. Not too frustrating not to be on the pitch, in the stadiums? “Yes and no, it’s not my job, I’ve always been on the plateau, so I get used to it and I take great pleasure in it. I receive football legends that I would not have encountered on a stadium”, answers Claire Arnoux. It was his parents who passed on his passion for sport, football, boxing and Formula 1 in particular: “I always wanted to be a journalist, the opportunities presented themselves naturally. Sport suited me better then, it’s a very good school.” Sports editorial staff remain predominantly male, but the journalist has had no trouble finding her place.

I don’t know if it’s more difficult in sports journalism than elsewhere. It is not the only profession where equality between men and women is still to be achieved.

Claire Arnoux

on franceinfo

Claire Arnoux did not testify in Marie Portolano’s documentary I’m not a bitch, I’m a journalist, in which women recounted the sexism, harassment and even assaults they have suffered during their careers. “I was not asked to do it. If I had been asked, I certainly would have accepted but with everything that happened behind I don’t know… the media tribunal… Our bosses have to deal with the issues. internal problems and if this is not possible, it is the justice which must take care of it. I do not like the media lynching. In any case, in our writing, all is well for me “, explains the journalist.

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