Coach Kiatisuk: ‘HAGL having 1 point is also fun!’

The Thai coach stated that HAGL only needs to earn 1 point against SHB, Da Nang is also satisfied, because the Mountain Street team lost 2 pillars and faced the challenge of playing away.

HAGL is flying high above the LS V-League, but the trip to Hoa Xuan is a big challenge for Kiatisuk’s teachers and students. The Thai teacher said: “It’s been a long time since I returned to Danang. This comeback is very interesting. I met a longtime old friend, coach Le Huynh Duc. The opponent was very strong, the audience went to the crowd to cheer for the two teams. The match to be held at the new stadium is also very interesting.

Coach Kiatisuk is cautious when facing SHB Da Nang

I think the match against SHB Da Nang was very difficult. We lack Xuan Truong and Kim Dong Su, so it’s even more difficult. HAGL must try and this is an opportunity for the remaining players to try, show and test their confidence “.

Although he is in a very high form, but having to kick away and the absence of two important pillars, coach Kiatisuk modest that HAGL won 1 point is also successful.

“Zico Thai” especially awaits the reunion with coach Le Huynh Duc of SHB Da Nang: “Huynh Duc is a good coach with lots of experience. The team led by Coach Huynh Duc has many good players, both paternal and maternal. I am very excited to see my old friend again.”

I like the 3-5-2 scheme. This is a scheme that thought to be defense but to attack, easy to switch from attack to defense. In football there is not only attack, but also defense. This scheme is reasonable for the current HAGL. My players understand 70% of this scheme, the results are quite satisfactory.

Coach Kiatisuk: 'HAGL having 1 point is also fun!'
HAGL is in very impressive form

As the head coach of Thailand, I apply many tactical schemes, such as 3-4-3, 4-3-2-1. Players need to adapt to many tactical schemes to play “, Kiatisuk revealed tactics.

According to coach Kiatisuk, Tuan Anh is still injured, so only when the midfielder recovers 100% will he use it. Because if you completely recover, using it to harm the midfielder is considered the key for both HAGL and Vietnam.

Although leading the group, Kiatisuk did not think much about the championship race. “For us, every game is a final, trying to show our ability to achieve optimal results,” said Kiatisuk.

Tran Minh Vuong midfielder: “HAGL does not play skillfullyoh ”
“Before, we used to play 4 midfielders, a little bit confused in the first 1-2 rounds, but later the results have reflected the understanding of coach Kiatisuk’s philosophy. Many people thought we were playing as artists but we weren’t. This has been shown on the field. Achievement and progress than in previous years. I fit with this scheme and need to learn more, ”Minh Vuong shared.

Video Hai Phong 0-2 HAGL:

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