Cong Phuong returns to HAGL or in Ho Chi Minh City FC: Call the bride’s name Vien Minh

Cong Phuong said after the wedding whether he would return to HAGL or continue playing for the HCMC club next season. Attention towards German election …

1. According to the contract between the German election and the Ho Chi Minh City club, at the end of the 2020 season, whether you want it or not, Cong Phuong must also return to HAGL.

In his mind, perhaps Cong Phuong did not want to return to Nui Street, with a living HAGL, not to mention leaving his new wife.

If you continue to wear the Ho Chi Minh club shirt, besides the solid rear, Nghe striker also has a higher chance of flying in the V-League.

Of course, the only person who can decide on Cong Phuong’s future – stay is to elect Duc, the boss of HAGL, where Phuong still has 3 years contract.

Under the contract, Cong Phuong had to return to HAGL after being borrowed from the Ho Chi Minh City club from Germany

2. The fact that Cong Phuong stayed at the HCM City club or returned to HAGL’s “old house” at this time was as interested as the fact that this striker held a wedding ceremony with Vien Minh.

Interested because it seems that when wearing the Ho Chi Minh City club shirt, the same motivation as the newlyweds helped Cong Phuong really fly high in the fourth season of playing in the V-League. This makes many fans not want the Nghe striker to return to the German election, with HAGL just … kick for fun.

No one wants Cong Phuong to return to HAGL for the reason he just said, or “spend the youth” just to stay relegated, especially when he sees Xuan Truong, Tuan Anh, Van Toan … living in the mountain street team. Throughout the years, despite the talent as any player from Hanoi FC, Viettel.

Cong Phuong returns to HAGL or in Ho Chi Minh City FC: Call the bride's name Vien Minh
Cong Phuong’s return to HAGL is of great interest, because many people do not want to see this happen to the striker from Nghe.

3. In terms of affection, attachment … Cong Phuong certainly wants to return to HAGL where there are teammates and friends from childhood until the need to repay the favor of Duc, which is considered as the second father. of the Vietnamese striker.

But in terms of career, it is clear that Cong Phuong is difficult to want to return. Because as mentioned in addition to the own reason for family problems, the Ho Chi Minh City club gave this striker the motivation to play football, even more money instead of returning to HAGL.

Cong Phuong returns to HAGL or in Ho Chi Minh City FC: Call the bride's name Vien Minh
Vien Minh plays a big role in Cong Phuong’s return or stay in HCMC next season?

If HAGL does not change goals, aspires to play football, it is likely that Cong Phuong will be forced to return to stay with the Ho Chi Minh club, or to a new team instead of returning to Nui Street.

Cong Phuong may achieve the goal, if elected Duc … happy and indulgent desire, which is quite reasonable from “adopted”. But to be sure that the Nghe striker must resort to his wife Vien Minh to be satisfied.

Because anyway, elected Duc is also difficult to ignore once the “daughter-in-law” opens his words, especially the values, a big change in the time when Cong Phuong joined the Ho Chi Minh club, with a Vien Minh. next to encouragement.

Of course, the Vietnamese striker doesn’t need any “help” and happily returns to Nui Street if elected Duc changes his way by enhancing the quality for HAGL to aim for the championship, or high in the V-League next season.

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