Electronic axis connecting businesses ERP Store

TERMS OF USEThe electronic axis connects businesses to build and provide ERP Store solutions for individuals, businesses and organizations to use in exchanging electronic documents, signing and signing electronic contracts. From August 8, 2020, businesses and organizations using the electronic axis to connect businesses to exchange electronic documents, sign and sign electronic contracts must pay the fee: 50,000 VND / month. With this fee, businesses and organizations can use 100 transactions / month; From the 101st transaction will be charged VND 1,000 / transaction. When a business registers to use the software, it means the business agrees to our terms. If the enterprise does not agree with these terms and conditions, the enterprise can stop using this software.
Conditions of using the serviceSubject to the terms and conditions of these terms, the enterprise agrees to access and use the service only for the purpose of signing electronic documents with businesses and partners. All rights, information to access and use services provided by us to businesses under a rental relationship, all intellectual property rights to the product remain exclusive of SME SOFT and third parties. (certified). The company is responsible for all information, data, text, messages or other documents that it sends or is transmitted through the service. The company is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the usernames and accounts that it is issued or managed, and is solely responsible for any and all activities that take place on the login or account. of the user. The company agrees and acknowledges that an account login can only be used by one person, and that individual account users will not share account information with anyone else. SOFT SME is not responsible for any provision not specified in this regulation.
Privacy and confidentiality of informationIn providing services to businesses, SME SOFT will maintain appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect the security, confidentiality, and integrity of your business and corporate data. end-user personal data. These protections include encrypting your data during transmission (using SSL or similar technology), except for some third-party integrations that don’t support encryption, which you may associate with service according to your choice.
Information content regulationsAll information sent and received via SME SOFT’s services such as text, email, and chat are private, so SME SOFT will not control the content transmitted through the system software software SME SOFT services provide. . Enterprises must be solely responsible for any content uploaded or transmitted through the ERP Store service software system or for any purpose. The enterprise agrees to use the ERP Store within a framework consistent with applicable laws and regulations and commits not to use the ERP Store to post, transmit, distribute, and link the following content: • Contains information advertising messages violate the laws and regulations of the Government of Vietnam. • Violating the regulations on copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property, and personal property rights. • Contains obscene, provocative, or defamatory content. • Vandalizing the security or identity of the ERP Store, including the spread of viruses, trojans, … or destructive tools such as interfering, destroying or secretly preventing or hijacking systems. system, network. • Contains content of any kind that causes SME litigation problems. Enterprises may not use any means, equipment to control or copy the software or the content in the software without the prior written consent of SME SOFT. SME SOFT has full control over, rejects or removes any information that violates these terms, and, moreover, revokes the infringer’s right to use the ERP Store service. At the same time, depending on the level of violation, the user may be held responsible before the law.
Applicable lawThis Agreement is recognized and enforced under the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Any dispute related to this agreement should be done at the Hanoi People’s Court.



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