franceinfo seniors. How to help caregivers, whose lives are often particularly complicated?

“THE HELPERS, those essential daily relatives”, a necessary book by Claudie Kulak. (NEW CITY EDITIONS)

Family caregivers are relatives of a person in a situation of dependency. They take care of her every day and often combine their personal and professional life with an emotional, physical, financial weight little considered.

There are 11 million in our country to take care of a loved one made vulnerable by illness, disability and / or old age. They are part of those “helpers” who ignore each other, who give of their time, their energy and their life for relatives, neighbors, friends. Today it is necessary to succeed in combining work, family and helping people in difficulty, with an emotional, physical, financial weight that is not negligible and little recognized.

The caregivers play a coordinating role with the various professional interveners and allow the home support of elderly people with loss of autonomy.

There are also young caregivers, children and adolescents who experience this psychological and physical burden. The national association Jeunes AiDants Ensemble, JADE, deals with the issue of children, adolescents and young adults in a daily caregiving situation, of a close relative (mother, father, brother, sister or grandparents) sick and / or disabled. This question of young caregivers remains taboo in France. They are invisible and yet it is estimated that there are around 500,000, which means one per class.

The ASV law also made it possible to establish a “right to respite” to allow family caregivers to rest and take time off, as well as help with respite.

The APA (Personalized Autonomy Allowance) assistance plan for the elderly can thus be increased up to nearly 500 euros per year, beyond the APA ceilings, to finance, for example, the use of temporary accommodation in an establishment or in a family home, or additional hours of home help

Decree n ° 2020-1208 of 1 October 2020 relating to the daily caregiver allowance and the daily parental presence allowance.

Its maximum duration is three months but it can be renewed, without being able to exceed one year over the entire career of the employee.

The amount of the daily caregiver allowance (AJPA) is set at 52.08 euros for a caregiver who lives alone and at 43.83 euros for a person living with a partner. It is paid by the family allowance funds (CAF) or the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA). The caregiver is entitled to a maximum of 22 AJPA (daily caregiver allowance) per month. The allowance can be paid on a half-day basis, except for job seekers.

This leave concerns all private sector employees, public sector employees, the self-employed as well as job seekers.

Family caregiver, this is what you are entitled to

There is also, for example, the Company of Helpers. It is a network of mutual aid, set up throughout France. Exchange of experiences, ideas, addresses, materials …

Je t’aide is a collective for caregivers.

The France Alzheimer memory café, which is a meeting place to help families cope with the disease.

Caregivers’ coffee


Following a long experience as a caregiver, Claudie Kulak founded the association La Compagnie des Aidants. Committed for 10 years on the subject, she received on February 18, 2020 the medal of Knight of the National Order of Merit for her commitment to this cause.

THE CAREGIVERS, These essential relatives of the daily Claudie Kulak

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