Gold price today 2-5: Many different predictions

On the morning of May 2, SJC gold price was traded around 55.42 million dong / purchased volume, 55.65 million dong / sold volume by some businesses, unchanged from yesterday.

The price of 24K gold jewelry listed for buying was 51.65 million dong / tael, sold out 51.95 million dong / tael, about 3.7 million dong / tael lower than SJC gold.

On the international market, the gold price today decreased slightly

Today’s gold price of the world closed the trading week at 1,769 USD / ounce, decreased slightly from the previous session and increased less than 10 USD / ounce compared to the time of gold price in early April.

During the month, gold prices were approximately $ 1,790 / ounce at a time, but could not reach $ 1,800 / ounce. And the results on next week’s gold price trend made by Kitco continue to surprise.

If two weeks ago, at this survey, there was no opinion of market analysts that gold prices will fall, then this time is the opposite. For the first time in history, at the survey in Wall StreetNot a single analyst said that gold prices will rise.

Specifically, there are 15 analysts of the housing market Wall Street answered a survey of Kitco, in which 53% of respondents said the price of gold decreased, 47% said that the price of gold was flat and no one said that the price of gold increased.

At the online survey in Main StreetInvestors were optimistic with more than 954 investors responding, of which 54% said the price of gold would increase, 26% said that the price of gold would decrease and the rest predicted that the price of gold would go flat.

Gold prices are being strongly competitive by other investment channels with more attractive returns such as stocks, digital currencies like Bitcoin or other commodities. Some people even said that the gold price could retest the threshold of 1,745 USD / ounce or close to 1,720 USD / ounce in the short term …

However, the long-term bullish outlook for precious metals is clear. Before that, like Lao Dong Newspaper has reported, analysts said that in the medium to longer term of May and in the coming time, gold prices will be supported by rising inflation when the US economy recovers and the US Federal Reserve has clearer policies to stimulate the economy… By the end of this year, the price of gold is predicted to reach 1,900 USD / ounce.

By the end of May 1-5, SJC gold price was commonly traded around 55.25 million VND / volume purchased, 55.65 million VND / tael. Currently, the world gold price converted at the listed exchange rate is about 49.4 million dong / tael, about 6 million dong / tael lower than the price of SJC.

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