HAGL of elected Duc: Rock so … no one can stand it

The German election HAGL flattened 5 “strongholds” in a row, flying high atop the V-League. However, Kiatisuk’s teachers and students sometimes make fans feel so nervous … they can’t stand it like defeating Nam Dinh.

From no other team can stand …

Ha Nam Dinh in the chase for the choking score in round 9 extended HAGL’s unbeaten series to 8, in which the teacher and coach Kiatisuk had 5 consecutive victories.

The names that the German electorate team overcame until now are not simple, from defending champion Viettel, candidate SHB Da Nang or nasty opponents like Nam Dinh, Hai Phong …

HAGL had a spectacular performance in the first 45 minutes in the victory over Nam Dinh

Watching HAGL play football in most of the past matches, and most recently the first half of the match against Nam Dinh at Pleiku, many people saw the saying of elected Duc: “The kids will kick no one” now comes true. .

The proof that in the first 45 minutes of the match against Nam Dinh, Cong Phuong and his teammates not only had 3 quick leads, but also showed their superiority in all aspects in front of the opponent.

HAGL does not allow the opponent to play as he wants, even regaining control of the ball is very difficult. In the first 45 minutes of the match against Nam Dinh, Duc and the audience were really satisfied with the home team when they showed their beautiful and effective gameplay in the highest possible way.

Watching HAGL play a half with Nam Dinh, it is indeed difficult to stop the German football team in the race to the championship at the end of the season.

to … no one can stand it

Kiatisuk’s team was “very beautiful and lovely” until the first half came down, and the second half of the match was a worry that many people suddenly … could not bear.

Similar to the victory of Binh Dinh in the third round, after the break, HAGL players performed sluggish football, helping the opponent to regain their position and attacking, putting pressure on the wooden frame of Tuan Linh.

HAGL of elected Duc: Rock so ... no one can stand it
But the subjective and somewhat negligent make HAGL almost impossible to break like this

Psychologically, it is easy to understand when the German players are subjective because they soon lead 2-3 goals apart from their opponents, and at the same time create a strong position.

But when the opponent’s morale and posture, HAGL began to fall into a passive state, both in defense and attack. The four goals that the Nui Street team lost to Binh Dinh and Nam Dinh came from subjectivity.

Without being subjective after having a lead, HAGL is really hard to beat. Just remember the focus and caution in winning against Viettel or Da Nang is to see.

HAGL if played sublimated, even modest as in most of the victories so far it is really hard to beat and unbearable.

But if the feet and head are no longer on the ground like the way they performed in the last 45 minutes of winning Nam Dinh and Binh Dinh, the way to conquer the dream of the third championship in HAGL is not easy at all.

Video HAGL 4-3 Nam Dinh:




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